Castor oil for lashes?

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is castor oil good for lashes? i heard to place the oil on lashes overnight to help them grow, but then i also heard that this will make them break?? lol......not sure what to think ...any of you know anything good to help grow lashes? mine are already crazy long, so its not really important though....just an fyi ;) thanks!!
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    i've heard from an indian friend of mine that castor oil is commonly used to grow and condition lashes and eyebrows. apply at night. i think it helps!
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    I don't see how it could hurt ... castor oil would help moisturize the skin around the eyes, oil is good for any kind of hair, and it definitely is non-comedogenic so you wouldn't have to worry about breakouts etc. I wash my face with castor oil and some of it unavoidably gets on my eyelashes and makes them look nice and shiny. The only downside is if I wear glasses afterwards because my lashes brush against the inside of the lens when I blink and then my lenses get blurry.
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    i do this daily with my cleanser. i use ocm (olive,castor)
    u could also use a disposable mascara wand (get free at sephora) and apply to lashes and brows at night
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