Pregnant with a 1-year-old: How did you do it?

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I'm entering my ninth month and dealing with a 17-month-old – and just barely making it through each day! I definitely have a newfound respect for moms with babies close together.

I'm still working part time (Tues, thurs, fri) but for the last week, my ankles have been swelling so much (not to mention my blood pressure is starting to spiral out of control) that I'm spending much of my time with my feet up. And I've pretty much decided that until the baby's born, flip flops are my new best friend.
It's so HARD to do the things that must be done - scrounging up something for supper after work, giving Elli her bath, finding time to shower, cleaning the house - and my SO has been out of town for work much of the last couple of weeks.
How did you get through the end with a little one?
Did you do it for love? Did you do it for money? Did you do it for spite? Did you think you had to, honey?
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    I was a teacher, and he was born in July, so I was on summer break. That helped. I think I let some of the housework go, and I became more willing to let my son watch TV.
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    In a word - outsource.

    I was working full time so the toddler went to MIL during the day. In the PM I would pick up the kid, either give him a bath immediately or make a quick meal where I can strap him down in his high chair for a while while he eats. Then I would make dinner, clean up around the house do laundry etc. Usually by then, the toddler is full and not as amped up and ready to play by himself for a while. Sometimes I'll take a bath with the toddler for some bonding time and get us both clean. Basically,when I get home I don't unwind change clothing or anything like that until the family is eating and settled. I know that once I sit down, I'm not getting back up again.

    To get him to bed and for me to relax, I'll close the bedroom door and only allow a book or one toy in the room while I watch tv and relax. We still cosleep so he'll take his time to snuggle in and fall asleep. I don't force it.

    Someone deep cleans the house 2x a week.
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    You could have a 3 year old in addition to the 1 year old. icon12.gif

    I sent you a pm. :reindeer:

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