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For any of you gals who use Jessicurl products, I really could use your help...

I ordered the Jessicurl Light Collection and used it yesterday when I washed my hair... I'm very disappointed with the results. I pooed with the Gentle Lather Shampoo-- just my scalp and combed the lather through my hair-- then [buylink=]Aloeba conditioner[/buylink] as usual, with a little bit of honey added at the end. Rinsed upside down, sprayed Gelebration (I actually scrunched it in because the spritzer was being difficult), then scrunch out some water with a T-shirt. Then I scrunched in the [buylink=]Confident Coils Styling Solution[/buylink] (I tried not to use too much--she cautions that the prodcut is very concentrated) then diffused until 75% dry and then airdry the rest of the way-- exactly what she says to do on her website. I don't know if it was the diffusing while still wet that did it, but I have frizzy, barely holding curls with minimal definition and no volume. My hair is also very dry, especially on the canopy, which never happens-- I always seem to overcondition! I never diffuse while still wet, either... I need to plop until around 75% dry and then diffuse to get any volume at all. But in hopes to salvage some of the products, do any of you know how/what order/in what way I should use the products to get better curls? Next time I'm certainly going to wait to diffuse, but I'm still not so sure about the styling products. They felt oily on my hair when it was still wet, but somehow I'm all dried up and frizzy now. I got a sample of the Rockin' Ringlets, which I hear people really like, so I might try that instead of the [buylink=]Gelebration[/buylink] to see if I can get better hold/definition, but I'll probably go back to my regular gel (that has dimethicone in it :shock: ) so I can have nice hair for the weekend.

Any other help/tips/advice would sure be helpful! TIA!
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