Hair Rant!! ARGH!!

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Hey y' you know I am in 4.5 months into transitioning. Yesterday I went to get my hair trimmed again by the lady that cut my hair initially. Well, long story VERY short she did me ALL WRONG!!

I still cant believe this...

Firstly, I did my nightly routine the day before I went. When I got there she sat me in her chair. She starts combing my hair......WITH A FINE TOOTH COMB!!! Can we say OUCH!!:disgust:

I thought she was going to spray some kind of detangler---or water---or SOMETHING... and do y'all know the most frustrating part of it all. She could not figure out why I was telling her to saturate my hair before she attempted to detangle...again...and cut it.

I hate it when people claim to be "the best" and they dont know the first thing about what they are even talking about...Then have the nerve to look at me like I'M crazy?!

Use a little common since lady!!!!

Needless to say--My hair still A'INT right!! And thats money wasted!! GRRRR!!!!:angry1:

Well, thanks for reading y'all!!
-4b and THICK curlies....:afro:
-BC Jan. 31, 2009!!

"Jah be with you until we meet again..."


  • Sunyata B. Sunyata B. Posts: 105Registered Users
    This is exactly why I'm scared to go to a "professional". I was thinking about getting another sew-in for the winter months, but the thought of that fine tooth comb....I just straightend my hair a couple days ago and trimmed it, I was so tired of stylists not listening and cutting off way too much.

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