Brazilian Keratin Treatment Maintenance

desert flowerdesert flower Posts: 188Registered Users
So, I had the treatment done this past weekend and I love the results so far - although, it's only been one wash! I could tell the difference in the shower in how easy it was to comb through. I have had the Japanese TR and even though it made my hair straight and semi-silky, it was never this easy to comb through!

Of course, I now have to think about maintenance!

For those of you that have had this done...

1. What have you found to be helpful in maintaining this treatment for as long as possible?

2. How have you dealt with the ever-so-lovely new growth? Are there any products or natural treatments you have used to keep it manageable in between treatments?


  • rosario143rosario143 Posts: 81Registered Users
    Another question. Can you have the BKT and still use Henna? Or do you need to use regular hair dye?

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