Rec for light gel?

baseballmamabaseballmama Posts: 33Registered Users
I need a recommendation for a very light-weight gel to use on my almost 3-yo daughter who has beautiful golden ringlets. I don't plan on using it everyday, but just something for special occasions. TIA!


  • shellynotshellynot Posts: 1,140Registered Users
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    "Your head is like a crown on you.
    It is as beautiful as Mount Carmel.
    Your hair is as smooth as purple silk.
    I am captured by your flowing curls."
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    Bioterra Gel

    Step 1: Shampoo every day or every other day with either Graham Webb Making Waves or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

    Step 2: Condition every day with either Graham Webb Making Waves or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. Finger comb through and let sit for the rest of my shower

    Step 3: Rake in one pump of TIGI Curls Rock Amplifier and then scrunch.

    This routine is working pretty well for me...... and it is simple
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    I agree with the CK rec. If you want a gel proper, try HETT... or better yet, maybe the mousse...softer.
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  • Hermoineâ„¢Hermoineâ„¢ Banned Posts: 93Banned Users
    1. Pure Aloe Vera (edible kind)
    2. Homemade Flax gel.
    3. FOTE / Fruit of the Earth Aloe vera Gel
    Hermoine™ (He really loves them, but i so :hate: my freckles)

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