Shealoe Recipes???

I recently tried to make some for my body with 60% shea 40% lote aloe and a spoon of vitamin e....i think my problem was microwaving the shea...but it also separates some....if anyone has had luck please share ur recipes...i wanted to make some as gifts once i get it perfect but i also need some good preservatives...
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    You are on the right track, but you should have added into your mix some lecithin. It helps to keep the mixture from separating.

    On the preservative front, there are several essential oils that you can use. I use tea tree in everything, however it also has that smell that some people will not be able to tolerate. The same goes for rosemary. Depending on the purpose for the mixture, you may be able to get away with the smell. You can also use something like pure vitamine E. In my opion this one may be the best one if you do not want to have the added scent factor.

    These are just a few of the natural perservatives, however there are many more. Here is a small listing of some of the EO that can be used as a preservative.
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