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Okay guys i have another question. Well i went on to look at Chi's because alot of people told me to look into them. I was reading reviews and then I saw the hair straighteners Sedu and Solia. The only reason i really looked at them was because i had read a lot of negative things about Chi's like how they short out and the cord gets messed up. Nd these straighteners are the Best of Folica nd have Customer's Choice. So i need opinions on both of them.

Btw - i have 3b/3c hair. it gets frizzy nd i want something that will hold straightness nd smoothness. Thats the other thing. I don't like the feel of my hair now after its straight. Its all dry nd feels like straw, So i need something that gets my hair straight nd silky.

Thanxs in advanced for your help.........

Solia -

Sedu -


  • southrncurlssouthrncurls Posts: 152Registered Users
    I personally loved my CHI it was the only thing that would get my 3B hair silky and smooth all the other straighteners made my hair gross. I used my CHI for almost five years without any problems what so ever. My mom had hers for 3 or 4 years and then dropped it really hard and it broke but the CHI people took it back and sent her a new one. They are really good, if something happens during the warranty time table they will replace it. I wouldn't use anything but a CHI
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    I have 3b/3c hair and I have got my hair professionally straighten and they always use Paul Mitchell and so I decided to purchase one myself I don't have to use any product and it makes my hair straight soft and silky. I also own a chi and it does and okay job but it doesn't give my hair the shine like the Paul Mitchell straightening iron does. Hope this helps

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