Breastmilk and it's contents

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So I was wondering what shows up and when in the breastmilk.

For instance, if I have my morning coffee, or an afternoon soda when will that caffeine show up. Is that enough to keep a baby more awake, or is it pretty diluted by that point?

What about alcohol? There's a beer that I like that only comes in 22oz bottles. Soren won't drink from a bottle, and I want to make sure before I drink a whole bottle of beer that he's not gonna get buzzed or something.


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    I drink coffee every morning (1-2 cups) but I'm too scared to have any caffeine later in the day, for fear it will affect Sol's sleep.

    I think 22 oz of beer is fine - that's just under 2 regular sized beers. I'll have 1-2 glasses of wine now and then.
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    Here's some info on
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    i pretty much stayed on my pregnancy restrictions while i was breastfeeding. but if i were going to drink something i would do it as i was breastfeeding because i knew it wouldnt be absorbed by the time she finished nursing. but i must admit it looks horrible to have a glass of wine in one hand and a baby latched on the other side.
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    Here's some info on

    Thanks for the link, it was pretty helpful. :)
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    I also have 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning, but I don't want to have more than that. I feel like that's a safe amount, and I don't make my coffee super strong.

    As for alcohol, I have a 12-oz Guinness most evenings. :occasion5: I feel like it helps my milk. I try to time it for right after the baby goes to bed and will be sleeping for a while, but as long as I don't feel drunk or tipsy, I don't think the baby will be harmed. If you felt concerned about the 22-oz beer, I'd say split it with your husband or someone.
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    Sigi wrote: »
    Here's some info on

    Thanks for the link, it was pretty helpful. :)

    You're welcome! I have 1-2 cups of coffee many mornings. I don't have it later in the day b/c it keeps ME up.
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    I was drinking Coke at a party last weekend and another mom, who was drinking wine, said to me "I'd rather give the baby alcohol than caffeine!" It took me a minute to realize what she meant. But baby Iris still slept fine that night. *shrug*
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    I've had a glass or two of wine while nursing and I haven't found it to have any negative effects on JJ. I try to time it for right after he eats, but he eats so often, and I like to have wine most nights, so often he gets some, and it hasn't seemed to be a problem.
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    Here's another resource as far as alcohol goes anyway:
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    I drink mass amounts of diet coke all day (I know, I know..) but my daughter sleeps fine.
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