Stila Wet Mascara?

s.temples.temple Posts: 48Registered Users
has anyone tried this what does it look like on? i kinda want to order it because i dont like other mascaras.


  • newlynaturalnewlynatural Posts: 84Registered Users
    It is mostly a novelty item IMO. I tried it on and the "wet" look lasted about an hour. The Salesperson even said that I would have to keep reapplying to keep the look.

    What don't you like about other mascaras?
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  • s.temples.temple Posts: 48Registered Users
    i dont know, i can never get it to look right, alls i have to do is blink after putting it on and it boom! all around my eyes is all black. plus, throughout the day, it turns the area around my eyes dark, even if i dont touch my eyes. AND, as im putting it on it dries and doesnt look good. any other advice on how to stop this and maybe prouducts to use would be appreciated (preferably if the prouducts come from that website)
  • steph_einasteph_eina Posts: 47Registered Users
    Maybe you're putting too many coats on.

    Depending on your hair and skin coloring (i.e. if you're blondish with lighter skin), you can get away with using a lighter-weight, brown mascara. I use L'Oreal Feather Lash in brown or brown black. First, I wipe the excess on the rim or on a tissue, and use one coat. Stays all day and it's not even waterproof, which makes for effortless removal at night.
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  • s.temples.temple Posts: 48Registered Users
    thats a good idea maybe ill try that, thanks!

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