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Okay so i want to get a new flat iron. Nd i wasn't sure which one was better. I have 3b type curly hair. Nd right now have a really crappy cheap straightener from Conair. (it takes forever straighten my hair.....2 hours to be exact) So i was wondering if anybody had any opinions or ideas. My budget won't be able to afford a chi. or anything expensive like that. i was thinking a MaxiGlide by Maxius or an Ozon Titanium Straightener. I really am looking for suggestions for my hair type or straighteners in general that don't take a long time to straighten hair, so if anyone could help. tHaNkS in advance................:happy11:

here's the MaxiGlide straightener -

here's the Ozon Titanium -


  • AuNaturaleAuNaturale Posts: 61Registered Users
    Unfortunately, you're going to have to pay a pretty penny for a good quality flat iron. I'm not aware of any quality flat irons that are inexpensive. At the very least, you're going to pay around $80-$90...that's the cheapest I've ever seen. I looked at those links you posted for the Ozon titanium flat iron and the Maxiglide--they are prime examples. The Ozon is $80 dollars and the Maxiglide, after the "free" trial, is around $120 (three payments of $39.99).

    I have 3c hair, with sections of 3b on top. My hair also took a very long time to straighten with the cheaper $40 walmart-sold flat irons, like conair or vidal sassoon (and they still never got my hair completely straight). Eventually, I had to break down and shell out some money for a really good flat iron. That did wonders for my hair and cut down the time immensely. I've used the Paul Mitchell Smoothing iron as well as the CHI. My hair dresser also used the GHD flat iron on my hair. All three worked wonderfully on my hair, but I'd say the Paul Mitchell iron worked the best.

    I know the idea of paying in excess of $100 for a flat iron seems extreme, but consider it an investment for your hair. It may be something you have to save up for. But I understand everyone has their limit...I know I did. I refuse to pay $150-$200 for a flat iron. So I just kept searching online for the best deals...eventually, I found it on eBay. That's where I bought both the Paul Mitchell iron and the CHI. You may have to get into a bidding war, but it's worth it to avoid paying an arm and a leg. Just remember, you're not going to get a quality flat iron for cheap (if you find that kind of deal, jump on it immediately!)...but it is possible to find one for a more decent rate.

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    you should try gettting a chi off of ebay...theyre much cheaper i got one for like $65 which isnt bad considering theyre over $100
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    I got the Maxiglide for $79 with free shipping. If you do a search, you can find tons of sites that sell it for that amount with free shipping.

    Linens and Things is going out of business in my city and they have it for like $50 or less now! :(

    I have never owned a CHI because I never had the money to shell out for it, but I can say I LOVE my Maxiglide and haven't used anything to straighten my hair since. You don't even have to blow dry first according to the maker *I do though, out of habit and having no patience.
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  • back2curlsback2curls Posts: 57Registered Users
    I just bought my Chi from for $99. That was with no tax and free shipping. It was the straightener, a holder for on your countertop, a bottle of Chi Silk Infusion, and a bottle of the Iron Guard (?) heat protectant. I thought that was a great deal. And I love the Chi!
  • PJsMomPJsMom Posts: 173Registered Users
    My hair dresser uses the Chi, when I go to her for straightening and it does a great job...myself on the other hand I purchased the Instyler, but that's a personal choice I made, it's expensive, but it works for me. I've seen the Chi at places like target, but it is in that $90-$100 range. So like the other's have stated, you're going to have to put the money out to get a good one, but for you it will be worth it.

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  • gracelikeraingracelikerain Posts: 1Registered Users
    I just bought an FHI pink iron from Target, and hated it! So then I tried a Solia 1 1/4" from (on sale now for $69 w/ a 2 yr warranty, free carry pouch, & free shipping). I LOVE this flat iron. It doen's pull my hair, and 1 swipe and that section is done.
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    to get a good flat iron its gonna be an investment. Its a worthwhile investment though. See if salons near you have any sales on their chi's thats how I got the last two I had. I just bought a dif brand though its by a european company called herstyler in my opinon its way better than the chi. I wouldnt buy it from the site though cause its like 200 on there. If there is a retailer near you that sells them, they sell them for like 100 normally. I got mine from this vendor at the mall by me and they gave it to me for 100, so you should check and see if they are around you. I have had nothin but chi for the past like 4, 5 years and In my opinon the herstyler one is waaay better. with less heat too which is always good.
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  • LilBit CurlyLilBit Curly Posts: 3Registered Users
    Okay I have the maxiglide and I love it. My hair is 3c with the exception of the back which is 3a. I bought my maxiglide at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The price was $69.00 and I had a coupon for 20% off so it ended up being around $55.00. Linens and Things also sells them and since they are going out of business they may be even cheaper.
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    I have curly hair too and I use the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it has temperature control, dual voltage, tourmaline ceramic plates with rounded edges which makes it great for also curling your hair. it heats up really fast, i love it, now my hair looks amazing, soft and straight the way i like. :) :queen: :tongue8: :grommit: :happy1:

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