PhytoSpecific Index 1...what's compairable?

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Hey Ladies

As some of you might recall, I took a temp assignment for work in Galveston, TX. Well I have a coworker here with me that has a texturizer (phytospecific index 1) and she's been unable to find a stylist here that can give her a she wants to do it herself. She asked if I would help her, and I said yes, but before we do anything, I wanted to come on here and ask you ladies a few questions that might be important.

To my knowledge, Phytospecific is not compatiable with other relaxer systems because it uses a different chemical...right? That means that she will have to order a kit online from somewhere, because I seriously doubt that they sell it in ther stores here (although I *think* Sephoria sells it). for the application. She told she knows which areas her stylist applies it to first, on and so forth...but is there something "speical" I need to do? I've done a few relaxer retouches when i was a permie, so I know about the not overlapping and stuff..but I wanna make sure there isn't anything else that I need to know. Is it just like mixing a regular relaxer kit?

OK...I think those are all my questions. I'm going to print this thread out and give it to her with your responses so she can read through the responses.

Thanks in advance ladies!
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