Hair colors for brown skin

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I'm bored with red highlights (biiig shocker there), but I have no idea what colors would look good with my complexion. I'm pakistani, so I can't exactly pull off blonde, but I want a change. Any advice?
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    If you don't mind an unnatural color you could put in streaks of blue, or maybe dark purple if you want something a little more subtle. They could be thick or skinny streaks, also depending on how obvious or subtle you want them to be. I think it would probably be really pretty with (I assume?) black hair and brown skin. (I'm thinking of Kelis and her turquoise hair, as pictured on the DyeHards page at the Manic Panic site.)
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    You could do blonde, but you'd have to be careful and have it done professionally.

    What is the tradition haircare routine for Pakistani hair? Okay, that sounds incredibly stupid phrasing but forgive me, migraine meds. So many of the Pakistani women I see have the loveliest hair.
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    I'm assuming you have naturally either very dark brown or black hair, correct? Anyhow, it seems that some beautiful deep bronzes, caramels, deep coppers, or auburn or even mahogany colors would be fabulous as highlights woven through the hair - this way it would give your natural hair some dimension and brilliance without lightening up and damaging the whole head of hair. Plus with brown skin, you want to keep some good depth of color going on. See a professional for this, and even better, one who is used to working with different skintones and hair types. Good luck, and I'm sure if done right, you will look beautiful!
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    But it's more like honey than blonde. This color really doesn't do anything for our skin.I'm loving Christina's color but I have 3c/4a/3b hair and idk about color and this hair type. Pics are BIG


    I however want a reddish color like Iman in her book The Beauty of Color
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    I think a dark honey blonde would be great for your skin tone. Or maybe even a super golden light brown, which would look just as good as the first option.

    Just keep in mind you would have to use bleach, and I'm assuming you naturally have dark hair!

    Hope it works out and your hair dreams come true! ;)
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