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brokentapedeckbrokentapedeck Posts: 3Registered Users
Hi everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for the last couple of months, & I've been CG for almost 7 weeks now. I was just wondering about a few things.

1) Does anybody know any good hairdressers in Sydney that can cut curly hair well. My hair could use a cut, but I'm reluctant to find myself with a bad one.

2) What are your favourite Aussie CG products. At the moment, I'm using Pears as my co-wash, and Alchemy as my conditioner. When I first started out, I was using the Redken Body Full Conditioner though. I like the Alchemy, but I'd like to see if there are any other conditioners that would be good. I'm also using Garnier Fructis Styling Gel, but if you know any stylers that help with clumping (I've heard creams are good), that would also be great.



  • FeralcurlsFeralcurls Posts: 408Registered Users
    Hi there! I'm not in Sydney so can't help with hairdressers. Last time I got mine cut though I gave very detailed instructions on what I wanted done. Worked out ok.

    As for products I use Mastey Triate shampoo, Biolage conditioning balm, Grahams condish as a co-wash, Mop C curling cream, Garnier 24 hour gel, Redken Ringlets (not CG), Fruit of Earth Aloe Vera Gel, coconut oil for deep treatments and have just got some Giovanni stuff which I like. (I may be a product junky!!)
  • curlywurlygurlycurlywurlygurly Posts: 1,180Registered Users
    it's nice to have another aussie aboard!

    I can't help with sydney hairdresser as I'm not there either :( I'm still trying to get the guts up to find myself a new one.... I just don't wanna be traumatized.

    product wise there is quiet a few options..
    I'm sure there has to be a petra somewhere, you could try some jessicurl products, or biolage gelee (not sure on name) ummm.. I think someone mentioned that one of the l'oreal elive treatments is cg.Alot of health food stores has cg stuff. Also there's a natural instinct brand at priceline I think that is decent, highly perfumed though (natural oils?)

    I'm currently experimenting with KCCC , KCKT and re:coil that I got online, but I also use mastey triate shampoo, biolage conditioning balm (which is on the heavy side) and I've got a huge conditioner from ALDI that I co-wash with. I think it's a litre and cost me $2 :D haha gotta love ALDI.

    I hope I was of some help... and didn't overload you with information
    2 something Australian :toothy4:

    Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
  • brokentapedeckbrokentapedeck Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks guys. I ended up going to Priceline today, and I bought the Biolage conditioning balm and Joico's Curl Refiner. It was so funny, because I got asked if I wanted help a bunch of times, but I ended up getting help anyway because one of the women just started talking to me. But she helped me find the Curl Refiner, and she didn't try to sell me something with silicones, so that was cool. (I also got a complimentary travel tube of a fudge moulding cream as well, but unfortunately it has at least two cones. :?)

    Unfortunately there appears to be no Petra outside of Victoria. =( Jealous of all of your Jessicurl enjoyment though. ;-)

    I'm also thinking of getting a DT soon as well. Tossing up between coconut oil and the pink l'oreal elive.
  • curlywurlygurlycurlywurlygurly Posts: 1,180Registered Users
    hmm..that sucks about petra.. i'm not sure but I think that you maybe able to order it online if you're keen. I know it's not displayed but I'm sure if you gave them a ring they'd do it??
    2 something Australian :toothy4:

    Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
  • DancingSonnDancingSonn Posts: 15Registered Users
    Hi Tapedeck,

    A year ago, I stumbled across the following links: and

    and decided to take a leap of faith and followed the recommendations of a lady called Orla, I haven't looked back since! This woman knows curly hair! (She has curly hair herself)

    I'm due to go back next month for a trim, she takes her time asking you what you want and asks you to show her how much you want cut off, she knows curls!

    The salon is called Redz Colourbox 9281 1162.

    Good luck let me know how you go, if you decide to try her out.

  • FeralcurlsFeralcurls Posts: 408Registered Users
    If you get the pink l'oreal elive make sure you the masque in the tub. The condish has cones in it. The Biolage Conditioning balm is actually a better condish though! You can leave that in as a treatment. I do like the oils though. Lots of people use olive oil!

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