CG and the beach

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I am going to Puerto Rico next week and will be spending almost everyday at the beach. My routine right now has been using No Poo once a week and water rinsing everyday followed with a little One C and then rinse. I then use some Angell and then diffuse. My concern is will water rinsing be enough to get my hair clean of all the salt and sand that I will get from the ocean? I do not think I could use the No Poo more since I find it very strong and could get overconditioned very fast. My hair is short and fine and it still is adjusting since I have only been doing this for around 3 weeks. Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Salt is really drying, you might find you need extra conditioner, or a leave-in. Be prepared for drier than usual hair because of the salt.

    I'm going to the beach in Mississippi next I should figure something out too!

    OH! Take a spritz bottle with water and conditioner, and spray your hair after you get out the water (rinse your hair with tap water first at those little shower things they have). That will help with the drying effects until you can go take care of your hair properly. Take some gel, too. That way, you rinse, spritz, gel and you've styled your hair!
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