Mastey de Paris - a predictable option?

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I have been getting frustrated with all the variables and trying to predict my results from one day to the next. I just got a sample of Mastey de Paris Traite shampoo and Frehair daily conditioner. I have to say, I was THRILLED to have the lather that comes from this sulfate-and-all-things-evil 'poo. It smells nice, cleans well, and is moisturizing. The conditioner is very light, just the in-between Suave and Trader Joe's Refresh I was hoping for. I may give up the idea of CO-washing with this fantastic 'poo. I am hoping for more predictable results rather than wondering if I'm over or under conditioned, if my hair needs to draw humidity or repel it, etc.

If you go to their website, you can send yourself an email to "refer a friend" and get two $10 coupons (one for you and one for your "friend") to use on your order. I ordered the trial sizes, which were basically free with the coupon - just had to pay the shipping.

For those of you who miss the lather, and especially those fine-haired wavies, you might want to give this a try.
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Mastey Traite shampoo
Mastey Frehair conditioner
pink Boots curl creme (TINY amount)
Aura Lemongrass Mousse
scrunch with Curls Like Us Curl Cloth
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scrunch out the crunch