Unicure "natural" shampoo?

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I'm always interested in natural alternatives and ingredients to use in my concoctions. I've had a couple bad hair days in a row, and that always gets me searching the net, hunting for new products and different ingredients to add to my arsenal.

Looking at the pic of the bottle on the Unicare site, I'm sure I've seen this product before, but have never tried it. Since my search here yielded no results for the 'poo, I thought I'd post to see if anyone else has any knowledge of it (or any of their other products, for that matter).

A couple things I read puzzled me. The site remarks on the stripping effects of most shampoos, and recommends shampooing twice weekly at most (co-washes with the Unicare condish in between). Yet their "natural" shampoo contains sodium laureth sulfate. It's been my impression that both of the SLSes as well as ALS were pretty much equally harsh (at least for curly hair). Also, if the product is natural, why call it "natural"?

I should mention that I'm NOT bashing this product. I've never tried it, and am simply curious. Has anyone ever tried it, and if so, did you find it to be less harsh than other sulfate 'poos?

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    This is an old time favorite. It was in all the hair salon's in the late 1970's and all through the 1980's. I remember it and it worked wonderfully however in has parabens which I'm not jazzed about. I think that they should substitute another preservative another then that I'd buy it in a second. My Uncle who was a stylist raved about these products and there was a major bidding war for them.

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