Please help with online shopping in the US - I'm being screwed!

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Hi there ladies,

I'm freaking mad about the treatment and customer service I've gotten from Swanson Vitamins. I have orderer a lot of supplements and AO conditioners. At check out I used a promo code that worked and had the exact cost of shipping (80$ because I live in Denmark!!). Four hours later I received an email confirming my order. They didn't use the promo code (25$ for first time customers on big orders) and they now charged me 105$ in shipping). Then I got a second email and they now charge 120 in shipping.

I have emailed their customer service four times and they don't get back to me. I've tried calling but the line seems to be busy or I haven't got the right country/state code.

I'd like to know if any of you know if there are somewhere in the US I can complain about this. I tried to google but didn't really find any info.

Thank you very much in advance!!!



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    Oh I am really sorry to hear that. I don't live in the US and can't help you that much apart from praying God that your problem is solved as soon as possible. I am, myself, often afraid to buy online since you can only complain/asking advice through mails and the people at the other end do not even reply back.
  • deRosadeRosa Posts: 37Registered Users
    Thank god it is the first time ever I've had these kind of problems and I've done a lot of shopping on the internet for a long time.

    Bumping this to see if there are any Americans who can advice me on this issue??

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    What's the company/website? I'll see if I can dig anything up.
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    thank you very much for offering to help me. The company website is I don't seem to need your help after all. After four days customer service replied to me and I've convinced them to charge the original amount of money.

    So all in all I can actually recommend them. They have the cheapest AO I've found online and their suplements are much cheaper than other low-price companies. US shipping is only 4.99 no matter how much you order and they shipped two days after I placed the order despite christmas shopping.
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    Call yer credit Card company ASAP - go on record with the dispute and try to cancel or freeze the payment!
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    deRosa wrote: »
    US shipping is only 4.99 no matter how much you order and they shipped two days after I placed the order despite christmas shopping.

    All except Hawaii and Alaska:

    Alaska, Hawaii & US Territories - $4.99 + $3.99 = $8.98 total charge

    For orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Mariana Islands, Palau and the Virgin Islands, please add an additional $3.99 to the standard shipping rate. Orders will be shipped priority mail. Please allow up to 10 business days from the date of shipment for delivery.
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