Going CG while coloring hair?

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Hey everyone, i had a question about going CG but coloring hair. I regularly get my hair colored a dark red. I was wondering how I should go about going CG without having my color wash out really quickly since i wont be using my "red color preserving shampoo". Anyone else with this problem?

If i co-wash without the red hair color shampoo, will that make my hair color fade quicker especially since it is red?

Also, when i go to get my hair colored, should I just bring my own sulfate and cone free conditioner for my hair stylist to use after coloring my hair?

Do most hair dyes have cones in them? Im assuming the salon products do...and i cant color my hair on my own it gets damaged quickly. If the salon hair dye does have cones in it....would my CG routine get ruined if i used a low - poo shampoo...or maybe a cone free shampoo with sulfate, just that one time after coloring?

Sorry if this is confusing but I would reallly like to get started on a CG routine but I havent been able to get answers to these questions which is making me stuck!

Any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance =)


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    Have you found a salon that knows about going CG? When I found my CG salon the stylists there use all-natural, vegan hair dye and I love it. I also use the Deva products and I know they make a red hair line of products. I use their regular stuff but you might look in to them.
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    When I was having my hair colored at a salon, I told my stylist about CG. A shampoo isn't necessary after the coloring, just a cowash did the job. (However, when I got highlights, she did say shampoo, even sulfate free, was necessary.) Anyways, your color should last the usual 6 weeks or so. It will fade if you use certain products, though. Honey will lighten color. I brought my own products for her to use. She seemed to get a kick out of what "new" product I would bring in.
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