when you flat iron your hair what do you use to moisturize it the days its straight?

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Im asking because I just flat ironed my hair and normally, before I found this site, what I would do involved a mineral oil product which I now know is no good. It was dollar store grease basically that I would put on my ends only and night and tie my hair up and it worked good but idk since its basically petroleum. ( softee grease green kind). So what do you use you keep your hair moisturized while its flat ironed straight? My hair stays dry so I cant do nothing to it. Im just not sure what...I used a new serum today, I was using that fantasia heat protector in the pink bottle, from sallys but that stuff jacked my hair up last straighten, so I bought redken heat glide I think its called. It worked pretty good. My hair feels a lil weird though and my ends look dry.
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    I've straightened my hair practically every day for the past 10+ years and just recently found something that makes my hair feel soft and hydrated and just... awesome! It's Sabino Moisture Block. It's nothing but -cones, but they are shampoo soluble, meaning you don't have to use a sulphate shampoo to get them out of your hair. I just use a natural -cone free shampoo and only shampoo every 4-5 days or so. Before I apply this I use a leave-in conditioner and whatever else I would normally use as a moisturizer. Then I apply the Sabino. What it does is form a barrier around all the other products you've already put in and keeps those moisturizers in while also blocking humidity and other things from attacking your hair.

    I've used so many heat protectant products over the years and I can honestly say that this is the best product I have ever used! It isn't water soluable so I just do co-washes for the 4 or 5 days after I've put the product in and it still works great!

    If you go to their website: http://www.sabinohair.com/ you can email them and they'll send you 2 small sample vials. I thought I would need more product the first time I tried it so I used one entire vial and it was too much - made my hair look greasy up towards my scalp. But, once I did a co-wash it was fantastic. The 2nd time I just used a little bit and it was just the right amount.

    Anyways... hope that helps a little bit - sorry it was so long! ;)
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