types of relaxers / good salons in nyc?

nycgal78nycgal78 Posts: 2Registered Users
hi - i'm new to this site but just looking around it seems like a lot of users know their stuff!!

i live in new york and have medium length hair with soft curls. my hair tends to get frizzy and unmanageable at times. i want to get a treatment that will temporarily relax my curls but wont make my hair pin-straight or flat. i want to still have volume to my hair. my goal is to open up my curls so i get more of a wave than curl.

does anyone know of a good, trustworthy salon in nyc that offers a type of service to open up, relax or retexturize curls? i'm willing to spend whatever it takes for a good salon since i dont want to ruin my hair! any advice is welcome!!

thank you!

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