Losing curl?

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Is anyone else afraid if they cut their hair, they'll lose curl? I've talked myself into getting my hair chopped off at least daily for the past two weeks (it's currently below my shoulders, I'm toying with the concept of an ear-length bob). I've had hair that short before (heck, I buzzed my hair for three years) and it tends to lost curl once it gets above my chin. I think it may be better now that I'm cg.
Am I alone in this dilemma?
So..um...I kinda fell off the CG wagon. I got sick of long curly hair about 6 months ago. I currently have a short a-line, which I flat iron, although I also wear it wavy sometimes. I still use sulfate-free poos (I'm madly in love with the Bodyshop's rainforest moisture) and silicone free conditioners.
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  • CurlyCoreanCurlyCorean Posts: 64Registered Users
    I have wavy/curly hair and I worry about this too.
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  • Oriental CurlOriental Curl Posts: 201Registered Users
    I would say that it was a worry, if it hadn't already happened to me. I'm currently growing out shorter and straighter hair than I've ever had. Sigh.

    Mind you, I've also had it go the other way - and had ringlets with no styling for the first time in my life! Why not this time, I wonder?

    Sorry I can't put your mind at ease...
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  • lclaire15lclaire15 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Yes!! This just happened to me! I had medium-long hair and I just cut it to my shoulders to make it more manageable.. I like my shorter hair, but I DID lose my best curls that were at the bottom...
  • mrl234mrl234 Posts: 548Registered Users
    My hair was pretty curly when it was very short, but I think the fact that it got curlier at that point was partially due to the fact that before, my hair was getting brushed out all the time, and once it was short I stopped doing that. That being said, different people's curl patterns respond differently to length. Too short can cut the curl pattern off, especially with looser curl patterns, but too long can weigh it down sometimes.
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    I'll say again...wavy hair depends more on length than weight. The longer it is the wavier it will be, and the shorter it is the less wave you'll have...with wavy hair the pattern usually doesn't start until 1-3" down the shaft of the hair. I know with my hair, the ends actually start to curl the longer it is. Yes, if your hair is really long, like past BSL when dry, it may start to get weighted down, but before that, no. Not if you truly have wavy hair.

    That being said, go for it if you want to cut your hair. But for wavies, the reduction in weight won't give you better waves.
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  • kitten59kitten59 Posts: 68Registered Users
    My hair gets curlier the shorter it is! Right now, it's shoulder length and I'm growing it out. I always thought that the longer the hair, the less wave/curl because of the weight!? This has been my own experience in the past....but then I've only been CG for a few weeks. Hmm...
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