Earth's Nectar products?

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    they look neat, but i dont see an ingredient I'll have to pass
    3a/3b/3c hair all on one head :thumright:

    Staples (used in many ways):
    Coconut milk
    Castor oil
    Coconut oil
    Shea butter
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    I use the Mint Shampoo, Mint Conditioner, Moni Milk, [buylink='s-Daughter-Hair-Milk]Hair milk[/buylink], Mint Scalp Oil, Curly, Mist, and Aloe Gel. I also use their soaps.

    I use the Mist that is a deodorizer everyday--I workout. You can never smell the sweat in my hair. I love their products and use them pretty much exclusively on my hair. I previously had to go to the dermatologist for shampoo and scalp drops but I no longer use or need them.

    These products are worth the investment.
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    I wanted to try but the shipping cost turned me off
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    I'm bumping this to see if anyone has tried it? I have a sample of the Conditioning Cream but I cannot find an ingredients list :( I went ahead and tried the cream anyway. My hair is very soft. The consistency isn't bad. it reminds me of a fluffier version of crisco. It rubbed into my skin quickly and isn't greasy. It's a little heavy which is fine for my hair. Anyway, has anybody had any success with these products?