Small (or large) victories!

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For inspiration and motivation, post your small or large fitness and weight loss victories here! :)

  • After not running for a few months, I just started again and found it's so much easier now that I'm 20 pounds lighter.
  • I just put on a pair of pants that used to be too tight to pull past my thighs and they look silly because they're so baggy.
  • I am actually enjoying shopping for clothes because they fit and look good on me.
  • I've dropped from a size 10 to a size 6, and some of my new size 6 pants are starting to get too big. :)
  • My face finally looks like ME again, not like a round version of me.


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    I love to work out, but I went through a really lazy period for about a year and packed on a few extra inches and pounds. The past could months I have really got my fitness levels up again though. I started using video's like turbo jam (I found it awsome). I lost 3 inches around my waist after 1 month of working out. It was amazing. I just recently bought a "dance" pole after reading a thread on here about them. I have used it for a week and noticed a lot of definition in my arms and my stomach muscles are getting tough. Even my fiance comment on how much firmer and harder my stomach is.
    I am pretty proud of myself and I am looking forward to start shopping for some new clothes!!!
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    badgercurls - you rock! Did you lose the weight with the South Beach diet? I might have to look into that.

    I've been fairly consistent with doing some sort of exercise several times a week - yoga, walking, tennis. I do need to step up the intensity, get back to strength training and lose some weight. I am plagued by a voracious sweet tooth. Wish I could just pull it out!
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    2poodles wrote: »
    badgercurls - you rock! Did you lose the weight with the South Beach diet? I might have to look into that.

    Yes, almost all of it is due to the South Beach diet. It was hard for the first few weeks, but now it's become second nature. I've also learned it's okay to cheat for a day or two as long as I go back to eating strictly for a few days afterward. :)
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    Here's mine:
    • I've been working out pretty consistently about 4-5 times a week for 4 months now.
    • I can wear my old pre-pregnancy jeans
    • My old high school cheerleading uniform was hanging in my closet, and I thought, hmmm, why not try it on? It's a little tight in the chest and waist, but I can wear it. :happy2:
    I tried the South Beach diet for a couple weeks, but ended up modifying it because I thought it was too strict for a breastfeeding mother. I've mostly stopped eating refined carbs, but I give myself one free day a week where I can have dessert.
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    Great idea for a thread!

    Badgercurls congrats on the success with South Beach. I tried it a couple of times (to eat better and because my husband was doing it) and failed miserably. I am a major sugar addict, although I don't eat much processed food, so my next goal is to cut out white sugar. That would be a HUGE victory for me.

    My small victory this week is that I beat my personal best for a 3 mile run. It was 28 minutes (I am slow).
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