in dire need of a new signature...but how?!

summersOVERsummersOVER Registered Users Posts: 82
I cannot for the life of me remember how to change my signature. Of course, I have changed my processes again and need to update!! I can't take falsely advertising anymore!! Please enlighten me!
Hair that freely borrows from 3a/ 3b texture schools. These are the things I use to care for it:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar rinses weekly
  • shampoos occasionally that do not contain sulfates
  • conditioners without silicones or proteins (or so I think- Keratin seems to do ok)
  • Flour sack towel
And I dont even know what else right now...thinking I may need to drop gels altogether...

Currently have Shea Moisture and DevaCurl products that I may just need to give up on and cut as a loss...


  • ArjaeArjae Registered Users Posts: 412
    Up to the top left, click "User CP". It's on the orange button bar. Then, under Settings & Options, click Edit Signature. Hope this helps. :)
    3A, medium fine. Currently avoiding shampoos, 'cones, 'xanes and sulfates. Hair length - a bit beyond BSL. Mostly CG since July 2, 2008.oregonian_showersmile.gif
  • curlymelaniecurlymelanie Registered Users Posts: 36
    Thanks for the link!
    2c/3a wavy/curly, normal density and porosity, medium to fine texture, likes protein

    Modified curly (new so still experimenting!):
    Low-poo: Giovanni TTT or 50:50
    CoWash: Sauve Naturals Coconut
    Conditioners: AO GBP, Desert Essence Grape, Natures Gate Asian Pear
    Products: HE TT mousse and gel (alternate and mix)

    Hair likes: protein
    Hair dislikes: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition

    (use to be full blown 3a and now only have a little 3a-damn hormones!)

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