wet or dry?

rosyCurlsrosyCurls Posts: 50Registered Users
just curious but does it work better for you guys to put your products in when your hair is still wet or when it's dry or semi-dry? how 'bout layering products? I've tried putting one in while wet and then another product a while later.... but nothing seems to work. any suggestions?
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  • babyphat21babyphat21 Posts: 124Registered Users
    depends on what kind of products you use and their consistency. can you give more info on your routine? :P
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  • shellynotshellynot Posts: 1,140Registered Users
    i put gel in when its sopping wet, but thats just me!
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  • rosyCurlsrosyCurls Posts: 50Registered Users
    usually I put a mouse in when it's wet...... and pretty much that's it besides hairspray. my hair used to be SO much better though-- it was defined spirals and now it's just fluff. what am I doing wrong?
    2c/3a...very thin and fine... Modified CG (I co-wash everyday)

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  • x3Tinax3Tina Posts: 77Registered Users
    The mousse may be too light for you, or it could be build up. I'd suggest trying a gel or cream styler and see if that helps define the curl.

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    I don't tend to use creams except for Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream, so I'm clueless as far as creams go.
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  • princesscurlyprincesscurly Posts: 81Registered Users
    Dove defined texture molding creme is excellent. Love it. :D
  • UnrulyCurlsUnrulyCurls Posts: 33Registered Users
    I put my products in while its still really wet, that way I get an even coverage.

    rosyCurls, do you blow dry your hair? I used to use hairspray, then blowdry and my curls turned out terrible and fluffy, a complete mess.. maybe it's the hairspray.
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  • embrangledembrangled Posts: 3Registered Users
    Mmm, the Garnier Fructis Curl Cream does wonders on my hair. SERIOUSLY.

    I put all my products in when my hair is wet...it has a habit of junking up otherwise.
  • rosyCurlsrosyCurls Posts: 50Registered Users
    lately I've been using aussie volumizing foam right out of the shower, and following with garnier fructis hard curl gel. then I'll use some hairspray because I have a big problem with my products just disappearing as the day goes on. I diffuse, and may use a bit more of the aussie spray. this seems to work GREAT on humid days, but I live in Colorado where it's almost always dry.

    I think the root of the problem is that my hair just isn't as curly as it used to be. Hormones? Cut? it's longer, now...usually a shorter style and layers give me more volume and curl, but I have a heck of a time finding a stylist who can cut my hair and do it nicely. I just want to be curly again!
    2c/3a...very thin and fine... Modified CG (I co-wash everyday)

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  • lupergirllupergirl Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have been using moptop brand products on my naturally thick, curley and tendancy-toward-frizzy hair, and the moptop gel and pommade are wonderful for styling either wet to air dry or to blow dry. (the shampoo and conditioner are a must have for me because they moisturize my hair while really cleansing it. I have not found products like this in my nineteen years of doing my own hair. (I am 29 years old). Moptop is also advertised on this site so I would give it a shot. By the way there are no "sodium Laurel Sulfates" in the products or silicone or alcohol. Compare that to the products you are using. Just thought this would be helpful.
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