did you have a "hard to burp" baby?

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I'm wondering if Theo inherited my DH's inability to burp. Gas comes out the other end just find but getting him to burp is definitely trying. He's a spewer (not exorcist style - well within normal) and I'd like to keep more of his chow down.

Any suggestions on getting him to belch?


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    I thought xander was pretty hard to burp. One of the nicu nurses taught me to hold him with a little pressure placed on his tummy. It is hard to explain but I can post a pic if you want. I also had to make sure to burp him after every three or so minutes. I had to clock watch or else he would go projectile.

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    I had a hard burper. I would pat her back while tummy-down across my lap. If that didn't work, I'd hold her on her back on my lap and bring her to a sitting position several times in a row. To this day, she needs to sit or stand straight up to be able to burp.
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    In the newborn nursery we always burped babies by sitting them on our laps using one hand on their chest with fingers around their chin, to support their upper body and head, and the other hand was used to pat their back to get them to burp.

    Also, you can try to burp him more frequently.. sometimes that helps babies that have trouble burping to expel a small amount of gas and keep all of their meal in :)
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    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:

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