Question about stomach fat

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I am 5'4, about 120 lbs, and I eat b/w 1200-1400 cals per day. I def. try to make those calories healthy (meaning I try to eat fruits and veges, gardenburgers, wheat pasta, salads, soups, whole grain breads, etc....of course, at times I'll eat some pizza etc.).

I have a collection of stomach fat-it's nowhere else (maybe a bit on the hips) but mostly, I look pregnant! That is how much fat there is!

What should I do to get rid of this? I would love tips and suggestions. Thanks!


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    Have you tried Pilates? That is amazing for abs.
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    i second the pilates recommendation - i'm an instructor and it's great!!

    the south beach diet recommends good protein and good carbs. look at your diet and if you're eating a lot of "bad" carbs such as white sugars, etc that could be the cause....are you eating a lot of dairy? even fruit which is good if consumed too much can be just extra sugar to the body....also drink lots of water and try green tea....sodas can cause bloating (avoid those - even diet)....i can go on with some suggestions but let me know if any of these are things that you might be able to modify......try one change at a time to see how it impacts how you feel and your stomach flab....

    also just curious do you feel bloated too?
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    Too much salt in your diet will definitely cause some bloating. I love salt and salty foods, so I have issues with this.

    Also, the best thing for that stomach fat is weight lifting and cardio. Muscle burns fat, so building muscle will burn fat. Also, doing cardio will help you lose the fat you have too. I first gain fat in my stomach and the sides of my thighs (which sucks really bad, lol). Doing cardio first thing in the morning will ramp up your metabolism for the rest of the day too, so I drag myself out of bed early 3 days a week. The other 3 days I lift weights first thing in the morning and on Sunday I take the day off.

    For cardio, i do interval training on my treadmill. It takes less than 20 minutes but I get a great workout because I push myself so hard. I would rather spend 15 minutes on the treadmill than an hour, so it works well for me.
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    Bloating is gas; most specifically, intestinal gas (which differs from stomach gas).

    Too much salt will cause water retention.

    They're not the same thing, just wanted to clear that up. (not trying to be snippy -- I have a lot of bloating issues).
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    Stress is also a culprit of stored belly fat. Google it, "belly fat and stress". They're are a ton of great articles.

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    marysu wrote:
    Stress is also a culprit of stored belly fat. Google it, "belly fat and stress". They're are a ton of great articles.


    Yes, the cortisol. I was going to say this as well.

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    all great advice for you. try old fashioned sit-ups and crunches too.
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    Hi, I think it'd be good to combine the more rigorous kinds of exercise, along with the crunches/pilates/etc. Things like jogging, running, swimming, cycling, etc. Doing all the abs work is going to strengthen the abs but not 'flatten' the stomach very much (and show the abs) because of the layer of fat that's still there. Stuff like running will literally melt the fat off.
    But don't over-do it or you'll risk an injury (like me, my right knee got cranky this year, but I'm working on it!). And patience helps too, lol!
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    I agree with the combined cardio-pilates work out

    The treadmill is great cardio and pilates is great for sculpting and strength training.

    If the treadmill is too vigorous for you you can do zero-impact cardio on the life-cycle at the gym and still melt the pounds away.

    Cardio first, to warm the body, and pilates or other strength training second.

    I gained weight as a result of illness, but have been having good luck with this routine.

    If you're more athletic, you can also try combining cardio and martial-arts.
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    cardio... if possible.
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    Is there really anything to the cortisol thing, or is it just another tactic to separate us from our money (Cortislim etc.?) It especially bugs me now that Cortislim is the "Feel Good pill that helps you lose weight." :roll:

    That's just wrong on so many levels.
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