Pregnancy = Great Curls? Anyone else experience this?

aussiecurlyaussiecurly Posts: 20Registered Users
Hello All,

I am just over 15 weeks pregnant with our first baby...and ever since I POAS I have had consistently great hair days.

I embraced my curls long ago, but that embracing only happened with loads of conditioner and product. For the first time in my life I have healthy shiny curls that are just doing their own thing and I am very pleasantly suprised!

Did this happen to you? Do you know what causes it? Is it all going to come to an abrupt end when bub finally makes it's entrance into the world?

I would love to hear if you have had a similar experience!


  • subbrocksubbrock Posts: 8,212Registered Users
    with my first pregnancy (ah, that feels so weird to say/type!) my curls got alot tighter and thicker. i guess on a whole my hair looked pretty good, but i hated it because i had no clue what to do with my new hair. i swear i went from 3c to 4xyz...

    it went back to normal once my hair started to shed and in the past few months my curls have gotten a lot looser. so i'll be interested to see what happens to my hair over the next few months though.

    eta: congratulations!

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