Reviews of DDF please

TriniCurlyGirlTriniCurlyGirl Registered Users Posts: 24
Has anyone used the DDF line. I am looking for positive or negative experiences. My esthetician recommended this line to me. At present, I am using Paula's Choice but my skin needs something stronger in order to start seeing improvements. I am pretty much oily/combination and my major issues are BLACKHEADS (a lot!), discoloration and the occasional pimple (monthly). I would appreciate and suggestions before I spend more money on products. Thank you.


  • smallpeassmallpeas Registered Users Posts: 162
    I gave my best friend the DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Wash last summer and he swears by it. He said it's done wonders for his skin, helping to get rid of any lingering acne he had. He was using it twice a day, which is a bit much for an AHA wash, so it dried him out a bit. He stepped it down to only once a day (as suggested by the directions) and has been very happy with it. I would just be sure to wear sunscreen if you use this (or any AHA) wash.
  • mane-iacmane-iac Registered Users Posts: 16
    LOVE DDF! i use the salicylic wash, tea trea blemish cream(2.5 benzoyl),and the sulfur mask. my skin has never looked so good. give it a shot!
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  • SuZenSuZen Registered Users Posts: 1,595
    I only use one DDF product, but I recommend it highly. It's the Matte Finish Photo-Age sunblock SPF 25. I have oily skin and I can use this daily without it increasing the oiliness. It's very hard to find a good sunblock if you have oily skin -- this one is great.

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