Maple Syrup?

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Ok I just did some research and I came across Honey and Maple Syrup being good for your skin and hair. it said that Maple syrup is another type of humectant and I'm new to humectants and stuff so I was wondering if anyone has ever used it in their hair? It supposedly darkens your hair and makes it shinier...but I'm just afraid of the stickyness lol. I think you're supposed to mix it with condit but I'm not quite sure. :toothy5:


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    Mix it with conditioner, let it sit and rinse it out. You get great shiny hair from it.
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    I've not tried it, but I would think that it could be used like honey or molasses - either mixed with conditioner as already mentioned, or as a rinse when diluted with water. Do a search for threads on honey, and you may get more ideas.
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    Ok cool so I can use it then lol. I'm going to use it when it's my next wash time. Does it matter what kind I use like Pure Maple Syrup vs. Aunt Jemima?
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    Use the pure maple syrup.
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  • MiyaniMiyani Posts: 37Registered Users
    Ok pure it is lol. Thank you!

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