Politics in comedy television

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I used to like Boston Legal, but not so much anymore. I am a moderate and can lean either way politically. I get so tired of comedy shows taking such strong political stands. I want to be entertained, not preached to.

My hubby and I were watching Boston Legal last night. It was TiVo'ed and was actually an episode from Nov.3rd...yep, right before the elections.
Even though I voted for Obama, I found the show to be very critical of conservatives/Republicans. They show them to be stupid. I know it's a comedy show, but it was very off-putting.

Do you feel that way about a show, even if the show agrees with you politically?

They use logical fallacies, like the strawman...make the other side look foolish, then tear them down.
I don't agree with conservatives with some of their issues (I agree with them on other issues), but really...it just seems silly to engage in this kind of "comedy" to preach to the masses about liberal/democrat = good; conservative/republican= dumb and mean.

Other shows do this to lesser degrees. I can actually take them a little better because it's less preachy...and I personally think both sides should be ridiculed from time to time.

Any thoughts?
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    The minute a show tries to get political, it usually becomes unbearably lame. The only political humor I can stand anymore is South Park, mainly because they go after everyone, no one is sacred or safe and they are not preachy and holier-than-thou. I especially like that they go after the celebrities with double digit IQs that believe that because they are on TV, they are suddenly great political philosophers.
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    That's what it is...it's unbearably lame. And that ruins and otherwise good show. I just roll my eyes like a kid that is being scolded by her parent when it gets all preachy...even if I agree with them. I just don't want to hear it.
    South Park rocks!
    That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

    I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s.o.b. The CG police haven't caught me yet.

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    This is why I stopped watching Family Guy. It used to be gut-bustingly funny and nothing was off-limits! But when it was brought back on the air, Seth McFarlane got a huge head and decided to turn the show into his poltical platform. It's not even subtle or clever, it's just irritating. I think SNL was funny during the election season, but it would have been better if they had been ale to poke fun at their own "side". They redeemed themselves with Affleck's Olbermann impression, though!
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