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I'm kind of bored and in the mood to hear a good story.

What's the most spontaneous,daring,baddest,sweetest, etc. thing you've ever done?

Here's mine: Well I had my hair parted in the middle and there was this one piece that wasn't going the way I wanted. So i took a razor and shaved it off, shaved a little too much off! I had a big bald spot in the middle of my forehead for about 5 months. And the worst part? It grew out straight up, almost like those hats the Romans used to wear. It was a bad time...

So entertain me, what's your story?


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    I accidentally stole a book from a library. I didn't mean to, I swear! See, what happened was, I was at the tender age of eight at the library with my bro. I was wearing my brother's gigantic jacket. It was real cool - inside pockets! So, to test out the awesomeness of the inside pocket, I shoved a book in there, and wandered around. I got caught up in a telescope (they are so cool!) and when it was time to go, my brother couldn't find me. After freaking out for a little bit, he saw me entranced in the telescope, and yelled at me, pushing me out of there.

    The sensors went off, but the woman told us not to worry, because that happens a lot. It didn't click till I got home and found the book in the pocket. I was so scared, I hid it. We moved away shortly after that, and I still feel bad about it.
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    Well, I got depressed recently at my nephew's bar mitzvah party (nothing like a group of lawyers to get me down), so I left and went and hit on a guy I went out with a few times. I have no idea how I found his apartment (his neighborhood is like a maze), but I did it.

    It went pretty well.:thumbleft:
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    Well, since spontaneous and daring fall under the unprintable category for me, I'll tell a sweet story.

    My Dad was having a huge 50th birthday party. I was living in DC at the time and was just starting massage therapy school. Dc is expensive and the start up costs for school were high, and my Navy tuition assistance did not cover massage therapy schools at the time. I was broke. I had to get my Dad something special, and I worried because I didn't have enough money for "special."

    I finally hit upon a solution. MyDad likes looking at coins through various years, so I thought I'd gather a penny from every year of his life. I waited until I got to my parents house, and I searched thorough all of the pennies. Luckily, the keep wheat pennies, so the early years were easy to find. The 60s and 70s were harder. In that house, I founf a penny from 1948-1997. It was January, so we hadn't seen and 1998 ones yet.

    There was Brasso in the house, so my Dad and I polished up all of the pennies until they were all shiny and pretty. My Dad thought it was the coolest thing ever, and he displayed those pennies on top of the entertainment center and made everone come looks at them, head side up. He wanted them to try and guess when the pennies when from wheat pennies to the Lincoln Memorial pennies. He still has them, and we add one every year.

    My Mom was trying to set up the party while we were polishing, and she got pretty ticked that we weren't helping enough, lol. She can laugh about it now though.
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    It's nothing really interesting but I had 2 presentations before yesterday and I wasn't ready for the first one. Anyways, a girl in our group, for some reason, did not know that we were presenting that day. We called her 5 mins before class to ask where she is and it turned out she was sleeping....There are people who don't put much effort when there's group work but I never had a group member who was sleeping at home when we were supposed to be presenting.

    So we did the presentation today, which is better for me anyways. I'm glad she was sleeping

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