what's my hair type?

kebbbx3kebbbx3 Registered Users Posts: 19

lovely isn't it? ughh


my hair was half up


  • deletedelete Registered Users Posts: 815
    I'm not sure of your hair type but have you tried not using the John Freida stuff?

    I found that once I cut that out of my hair routine, I got better curls especially at the root. The silicone weighed my hair down.

  • mrl234mrl234 Registered Users Posts: 548
    It looks like a mix of 2C and 3A, and I agree about the John Frieda stuff. I used it for a long time and get much better hair without it.
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  • kebbbx3kebbbx3 Registered Users Posts: 19
    okayy, i just ran out anyways haha
    do you have any suggestions for a replacement?

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