Need some advice on "bangs"

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I have a little problem. I love my curls don't get me wrong... but I am very unhappy with my bangs.

I have shoulder length 3A curls. I have it cut with lots of layers and side-bangs. Well... for about the past year I've been straightening my bangs and wearing them up in a clip.

I'm tired of this style now and I feel like it makes me look a lot younger than I am.

Here is my problem. Because I've straightened my bangs for so long... the hair is damaged now. It seems like this little section of hair has lost it's curl. When I use my diffuser on my bangs they end up looking like crunchy antennas that stick up and all over the place. I can't get them to lay right.

The way I do my hair is I scrunch gel in it and blow dry it with my diffuser. Then when I'm ready to go out I run my fingers through my hair and scrunch it some more so that my curls look softer.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do with these bangs? They're a mess and I need help!!!


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    I'm so with you. I had this same issue - after lots of straightening, my bangs lost their curl. :( They probably need moisture to help re-encourage the curl long-term. I moved to the Curly Girl method, and that's helped a lot.

    I stopped straightening mine over 3 months ago, and they're still a little funky. I help my curl by putting the gel in the hair, then twisting it around my finger. I let it dry a bit before un-twirling my finger. I would be careful about disturbing it with the diffuser too - might go straight again. Good luck!


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