2nd day hair?

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I need some help... My hair is 3a and really long (bottom length). I was wondering if there was any way for me to have second day hair. Usually the only way I can keep my hair going an extra day is just pull it up into a pony tail or a bun depending on how tangled it is when I get up. I sleep with it pulled back on a satin pillowcase, but it always tangles really badly and looks just ick in general-usually with quite a bit of frizz.

Any help would be very, very much appreciated.


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    3a and what, thick or thin? Fine or medium or coarse?

    I have 3a hair and I get 2 to 4 days with the right protocol.
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    Sorry. Knew I was probably leaving something out. My hair is kind of in between. It's not thick, but there is a lot of it. It goes back and forth between fine and normal. It responds well to protein and humecants, so I think that makes it lean more toward medium. (Don't know what qualifies for thin, but I would call it thin-ish. Most of my stylist call it thick.)
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    Froggie427 wrote: »
    I was wondering if there was any way for me to have second day hair. Any help would be very, very much appreciated.

    I find that if I use stronger products on day 1, I retain more curl on day 2. I just rewet and slightly crunch. I've had the best 2nd day hair from Mop-C curl cream (used over a leave-in and underneath gel scrunched in for hold). It dries crunchy but then you can just scrunch out the crunch.

    I can't use it all the time, however, because it dries out my hair a bit; perhaps because I need a stronger shampoo to rinse out the polyquats in it. But it does give me good 2nd day hair...
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    After the first day I just spray mine with water all over to reactivate the product. Then I apply a small amount of gel and I'm on my way.
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    You could try a plopped pineapple. Put a satin bonnet over a high ponytail. The bonnet will contain your hair better and help prevent tangles.
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    Thanks for all the advice! I usually don't use any product in my hair past shampoo/conditioner and a leave-in. Products usally weigh my hair down so much. Since my hair already has volume problems because of how long it is... Maybe plopping with product would even that out? And the only only problem with a pony is that my hair tends to have the curl pulled out of it at the top when I pony... Probably because I don't use product?

    And is using more product that around a half dollar size for my hair ok? I've always heard that around the max for hair before it just too much.

    Geez-I have so much to learn!

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