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I just started reading and using this site about 2 weeks ago. I have been a CG for about 2 years after reading CG by LM. I want to thank everyone for your posts. I got into the no shampooing and conditioning and bought most of the Deva products. Now I am starting to explore other products-what works what doesn't and cheaper prices. I read the posts about Aloe Vera and had my hubby buy some yesterday for me (not driving for 6-8 weeks as I just had a hip replacement-why I'm on this site all day!). Did my hair last night, used the plopping method with a t-ship (my [buylink=]Curl-ease towel[/buylink] hasn't arrived yet) , put my hair up in a pineapple with my new satin bonnet and this am when I woke up my curls looked like an ad for gorgeous curly headed women!! WOW. I can't believe what a difference. Bouncy, soft, curly.

I just ordered a sampler from Jessicurl to try out her products. Also I read you letter to Oprah about the makeovers she had on show a few years back. Did she ever do a curly head show?
Thanks again. I'll keep reading and learning and hope to ad info for others.

Hair: 3a-3b
Deva: Nopoo, one conditioner,b-leave in, Heaven in Hair
Earth: (?) Alor Vera gel


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    i actually don't think she has. in the mean time, we'll be waiting and hoping.


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