Sedu or Chi?

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Hey all!

So I recently had my hair straightened in a salon and re-fell in love with how it looks. It had been forever since I had straightened it. I always thought I could never do it by my stylist said my hair was super easy to straighten and that I could do it if I practiced. :) So I decided to invest in a straightener for my Christmas present to myself.

Question is: Which one? I've been doing a LOT of research and have narrowed it down to the Chi and the Sedu. Sedu is more expensive but seems to have impeccable reviews from Curlies. Chi I could get a lot less expensive but I've heard they short out a lot.

What do you guys think? I need to order from Folica by Monday (they have a $25 dollar off and free shipping sale till then... jump on it!) so any help you could provide by then would be greatly appreciated.

This is what my hair looks like... 3a/b. Hope that helps!



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    I absolutely LOVE my Sedu! I spent months looking at reviews on the top irons because it was an expensive purchase, but it was totally worth the money.

    One thing I love about the Sedu that the CHI does not have is the temperature control. I can change it from 250 F to 410 F and anywhere in between. Its great because some hair types need more heat than others (mine included).

    I am a 2c/3a with hair that goes to the middle of my back. It takes me under 30 minutes to completely straighten and style it, and it feels so silky afterwards. Make sure you use a heat protectant so you don't fry your hair to death. I like the CHI Silk Infusion protectant. They have it on and it really does make your hair feel like silk!

    I have never had a problem with my iron, but even if I did, folica added an additional year onto my warranty for free and they have a money back guarantee. You've got nothing to lose!

    Look at the actual website reviews
    Sedu Rating
    3218 (80%) reviewers rated this product "The Best" (5-star)

    CHI Rating
    750 (55%) reviewers rated this product "The Best" (5-star)

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    Thank you so much! Funny enough, the things you recommended are the exact things that are sitting in my "shopping cart" ready to check out of Folica.

    By the way, your hair is beautiful!

    Thanks again! :)
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    I have a Chi and mine is 4 years old. It does have a temp control on it and I've never had any problems with it. That said I'm really wanting a new one. I'm wanting to try a Sedu or a Solia.

    You're hair is beautiful!
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    Okay I ordered the Sedu 1 1/2" and Chi Silk Infusion (plus I got $25 off, free shipping, a free 2 year warranty and a free straightener holder) for just over $100. It's pretty steep but regularly, it would be like $300 total. I got a really good deal.

    I hope it works! :)
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    hmm yeah im looking for a new straightener aswell.
    let us know how it turns out (:
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    I have used alotta flat irons and so far i have the Chi but its a GVP 1 . Basically its the generic to the Chi. It works just the same as the Chi, but only was cheaper in price. My sister has the original Chi and here was like $120, mine was $49. Hers has no temp control and doesnt say how hot it gets , mine does and goes all the way up to 410. Mine also has a swivel chord and the chord is 9inches compared to hers with it just being 6inches. Mine is ionic plus her plate coating is already coming off after a few months and its not ionic. The plates on mine i notice are shiny compared to hers and so far they have held up. I have had mine for over a month with no issues and my hair comes out great everytime , i also use megasilk elements protectant spray before i flat iron for less damage. I got my flat iron @ sallys.HTH.
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    I'm not a big fan of straightening on me, but I love my Sedu. I bought the one the OP purchased (the 1-1/2 inch) before I went CG, but decided I'd do better with the 1 inch Sedu Revolution, which I can use to curl my hair (a much better look for me). In fact, I have the 1-1/2 inch on the swap board currently if anyone's interested.

    My stylist at the time used a CHI on one side of my hair, and my Sedu on the other. The Sedu side looked much smoother. I've also tried the ghd. I exchanged it for the first Sedu.
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    So I got it and I tried it and I loved it!

    It was my first time ever blowing out/ straightening my hair, so it was a little difficult, but the Sedu was amazing!

    My hair is 3a/b and after I blew it out my curls were no match for the Sedu.

    It only took about 2 hours to shower, blow it out and straighten it.

    I'm excited to have so much more versatility with my hair now. I would definitely recommend the Sedu! :) I'm really glad I did my research.