When Was Your First "Shaping/Style" Cut During Your Natural Journey??

akilamoniqueakilamonique Registered Users Posts: 302
How far into your natural journey did you have your first "shaping" cut, and how long was your hair?

I have been natural 1 year and a couple of weeks, and my hair is 6 1/2 inches long. I've only cut off the ends a couple of times. I would like to have my hair shaped, but I think it's still probably too short. What do you think?
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  • TLMMMTLMMM Registered Users Posts: 457
    before I started my locs, I had my hair cut into a shape, so it would grow out that way. my hair was about an inch long.

    I don't think your hair is too short.
  • NayaNaya Registered Users Posts: 922
    IDK, I haven't had my hair cut into a shape for the exact same reason, I was thinking it was too short.

    I've been natural almost 7months and my hair is about 5.5 inches long after my last trim.

    Another problem for me though is the lack of (or lack of abillity to find) natural hair salons in my general area.

    I don't want to go to any salon and let them get to chopping away, lol.
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  • .patience..patience. Registered Users Posts: 537
    i've never had my hair shaped since i've been natural. mainly because i have been cutting my hair myself for the past 5 odd years.(cutting out damaged ends/color and such) and secondly, for me personally at the time when i was constantly cutting my hair, i thought my hair was too short to shape(4-5in).

    however, with the max length i have now 7 inches, i was considering getting some sort of shape because it just looks off at times when i wear my fro out. the sides are longer than the crown.

    but now, i'm sticking with the twists/twistouts and that conseals some of the different lengths i have(6-7in). and its easier to style.
  • CoilyOne1812CoilyOne1812 Registered Users Posts: 384
    Never. It's always been kept trimmed by me or a professional, but I haven't had an actual shaping cut since I had a relaxer. It's taken a decade for it to get to such an odd shape that I now feel I need someone with some vision to beautify my mane.
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    It was September 2007; a full year and change from my initial big chop!

    I had a few trims between that time but all of them were sub par. 1st from my hair dresser that used to my relaxers who said that presses help my hair so I stopped going. The second was from the lady at Sophia Sunflower salon where she cut my hair uneven and left my hair dry and flaky from product buildup/ not rinsing properly when I walked out of the salon. The 3rd and worse one was by an Egyptian lady that over straightened my hair in some parts.

    The best shaping was done by Yodit at Salon Revive in DC and she cut about an up to an inch off in parts of my hair the first time I went leaving it in the best shape ever! I only let her and myself touch my hair and its thriving over this year because of it. She cut my hair curly and it looked great even straight; she as skills people.
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  • subbrocksubbrock Registered Users Posts: 8,212
    a few weeks after my BC i got my hair shaped. my hair was only a few inches long then. so short, the back of it was shaped up by clippers.

    ive actually never not had my hair shaped. it makes a world of difference in the appearance of your hair.

    i just got a trim about 2 weeks ago, but the front part of my hair needs to be cut shorter/more layers added because the shape is off.
  • mariag002mariag002 Registered Users Posts: 3,557 Curl Neophyte
    I did my own BC 14 months ago and I haven't cut it since. I want to get it cut when I'm MBL or waist length next year. I had layers, but they're gone now. I definitely don't want the front cut. I would like to cut it in layers next fall, but I first need to find a trustworthy stylist.
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