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I finally joined naturallycurly.com after using it for tips and hints for a while. I have 2c/3a hair that is bleached and cut into long layers that reach to the middle of my back. It has seriously taken me YEARS to learn how to properly style my hair, and luckily, I don't hate my curls anymore!

In high school I always wanted straight hair because it seemed like that's what the boys were drawn to. Now I am 21 and have a wonderful guy who loves my hair both natural or flat ironed. He is Italian and has the same thick curly hair as me, but keeps it cut short.

Even though I embrace my curls, I do like to flat iron it with my Sedu on occasion. It's fun to switch things up and nice to know that my curls are only a shampoo away.

I am excited to finally be a posting member of nc.com!

My curls and I :happy3:
Thick, dyed dark brown, 2c/3a in long layers to mid back

Suave Sleek

Organics Hair Mayonnaise or Suave Sleek

Leave in:
Herbal Esscenses None of Your Frizzness leave in creme
Luster's Pink Original hair lotion
Smooth 'N Shine Hair polisher


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