Can you over deep condition your hair?

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So i've been stuck in bed with the flu/pneumonia. Unfortunately, when tragedy struck I was sporting a really cute wash and go.. not the best for rolling around in the bed with chills/fevers/aches.

By day 7 (today) I was finally able to get up and crawl myself to the bathroom and what was I worried about? My HAIR! It was a frizzy tangled mess!!

So, I've cowashed, detangled, let conditioner sit on it. Then rinsed. Then used WDCT mixed with jojoba, coconut and grapeseed oil. I sat with the heat cap on for two hours. Took it off and refused to rinse the mixture from my head yet.

This was at about 10AM CST today(hehehe)

Each hour, I peek at my curls under the shower cap and they seem to become more and more defined and less and less frizzy. It has been, oh about 10 hours or so now..

Am I causing more damage than good? My SO is telling me I have nothing to worry about as my hair has been the only healthy thing on my body this entire time.. hehehe:toothy7:

Anyways, can one over deep condition?
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    a hair stylist told me that u can, but i have yet to exp any neg effects on my hair
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    You can definitely over moisture your hair so over dc'ing is possible....but it would be pretty hard to do this all at once. The only times I have seen ladies over moisture was over a period of time.

    You will know if you are over moisturized because your hair will be limp and you will probably lose some of your curl pattern. If it gets really bad (like my hair used to be when I had a curl) then it will get gummy and break off easily.

    The answer to your question is yes but I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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