Scalp issues

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Sorry, this is long and possibly confusing:

I had a golden two months of good hair and okay scalp using CV shampoo and soap bars and an ayurvedic soap. However, about a month ago my scalp and hair revenged. It may have been the weather getting colder, but the buildup on my scalp has been horrible.

I am revisiting the idea of using a clay mask but am still too cheap to order Terressentials. I almost placed an order at Mountain Rose Herbs today for Rhassoul clay but cancelled so I could do a little more investigating.

I tried making some homemade shampoo with Dr. Bronners Almond, Apple cider vinegar, water, and apricot kernal oil. I put in ACV until the formula changed from a base to an acid. The mixture left my hair feeling heaving, my roots a little greasy, but my scalp started clearing.

I have been backing off the ACV because it can cause greasy scalp and dry out hair, and have backed off the Soap bars due to build up and because they are a strong base.

I would like something that restores the Acid-base balance to the scalp-kind of like the Dianna Yvonne or PSF face cleansers do to the face, any ideas?


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    I have scalp allergy issues and have been using the Giovanni Tea Tree poo & condish. It felt amazing on my head! Not sure how natural it is although it claims to be! Depends on how strict you are I guess.
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    Maybe a citric acid rinse instead of ACV?
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    Did you ever have these issues before? Or is this since your new regime?

    I recently learned that, if you have have Seborrheic Dermatitis, lack of sunlight makes it worse. Could explain the seasonal aspect.

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    Just remembered another product that might help. I use a conditioner called Regenal after coloring, and it's really saved my scalp. It's billed as an "instant pH normalizing lotion." Sally's has it. Hope this helps! Scalp issues are no fun!

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