my strange shea butter

PetiteMllemimiPetiteMllemimi Registered Users Posts: 95
hello everyone, i was hoping if someone could help me with this problem i am having with my shea b utter.

the first time i bought shea from mountain rose herbs it was really moisturizing, it defined my hair and melted into my hair the moment i put it in. it was a little stinky but not too horrible and had a cream color. it was unrefined. that was a while back

fast foward to a month or two ago when i decided to buy shea again, but from a different website because it was less expensive. this shea smells more nutty and has a beige color, also unrefined. BUT whenever i put it in my hair it leaves a heavy white haze on my hair, even if i mix it with oils and flaxseed. Eventually it dries, but if i wet my hair the white residue shows up again a little. while it is moisturuzing the first brand i bought definitely was different.

has anyone had this problem before, im just trying to figure it out.

thanks for anyone who responds


  • msjaimmsjaim Registered Users Posts: 948
    i've never had that happen, but did u used anything in differently in conjunction with the shea butter than u did the first time?
  • PetiteMllemimiPetiteMllemimi Registered Users Posts: 95
    yes the first time i never used flaxseed gel i did mix it with oil though. but i only started mixing it with flax gel recently .before i was just adding oil like the first time and it still left a white haze.

    i forgot to add that when i first purchased shea from mrh i also bought mango butter. the mango also left white residue in my hair, as if it never would melt completely, which this new brand of shea seems to be doing also. its just strange because even my pony tail holders have a white residue and when i wet them, i can actually squeeze the shea butter out like a sponge.
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    two things may be going on here:

    1. There are two different kinds of shea butter. There is shea butter made in East Africa (which is yellow) and shea butter made in West Africa (which is white). You may have gotten West African shea butter from Mountain Rose Herbs (which I have from them now), but got East African Shea Butter from your new vendor.

    2. You have altered shea butter. Some vendors are now "cutting" their shea butter with mineral oil and only God knows what else.

    I would only buy from a vendor who has a long-standing reputation for delivering high-quality products and is recommended by others.

    Check out this video and see if your story is similar
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    Unrefined shea butters are going to vary in texture, smell, color, etc. Some companies have unrefined butter, but they filter it to remove impurities. Some leave it as is. I would be more concerned with the quality. Is it still working the same as the other shea butters you've purchased(besides the film)?

    Whenever I've used she butter on wet hair, and don't emulsify it enough in my hands before applying, it leaves a film. That's with the Kemi-Oyl shea butter pomade, or the 100% natural butters I've used. Most that are thick tend to leave a slight film on wet hair, but once dry, it disappears. That why many products with shea as an ingredient sometimes leave a coating on the hair.
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    Raw shea butter is made by different people in different cottage/village factories, so quality and consistency will vary. I have to say I found the Mountain Rose herbs shea butter nice and soft but the smell wasn't too my liking. I like SheaTerra Organics raw shea butter.
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  • PetiteMllemimiPetiteMllemimi Registered Users Posts: 95
    hi guys thanks for your responses

    breezybaby, i watched the video and i must say that my shea butter does whip very well, which the lady said hers did not do. also i received my shea from what i believe to be a trust worthy company( oils by nature ) and on their website they receive their shea from a company called naasakle limited which seems to be a reputable company.

    suburbanbushbabe- i tried sheaterraorganics a while ago, actually it was the very first time i tried shea but my mom had bought it. i also really like their shea but i don't believe they sell in bulk and it is a little expensive

    eccentric-kurlz- i guess it does work similar to my previous shea butters ive used
    i think i might clarify my hair and apply it again to see if there is any difference.

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