Oil of Olay makeup and other stuff

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<ul>I have these things:
[*]Oil of Olay shine control foundation #82 Deep Honey(never used.)
[*]Oil of Olay moisturizing foundation #82 Deep Honey(never used.)
[*]Oil of Olay Colormoist lipstick #720 Sterling(used disposable lipbrushes with it. It's sanitary.)
[*]Oil of Olay Colormoist lipstick #360 Campari Orange(never used.)
[*]Oil of Olay Colormoist lipstick #677 Satin Sable(used disposable lip brushes with it. It's sanitary)
[*]Revlon Street Wear lipstick in Dust (never used)
[*]Suave greasless medicated cleansing cream (used disposable spatulas to remove. About 3/4 left.)
[*]2 green Wet'n'Wild eyeliners(still in the packaging.)
[*]Wet 'n'Wild lipstick #C502(still in the packaging)
[*]CoverGirl eyeshadow Mint Green(only scraped off a little bit with a clean spatula.)By the way, it's a cool color.
[*]2 sample sizes of Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin.(each one is 1 oz.)
[*]Almay Cream-To-Powder Blush in Terra Cotta.( never used. still in packaging)
[*]Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit.( bought it and used one strip. It hurt and I can't use it. there are 14 double-sided strips left. yes...it's sanitary.)
NOTE: Most of these products (lipsticks, cleansing cream, eyeshadow, etc...) are the products I had to use on my model at State Board. They are sanitary because I used clean spatulas to scrape off a little bit of them onto a piece of foil when I was doing the facial. I have a lot more Oil of Olay makeup but I'm going to ask my mother if she wants it before I put it on the list. smile.gif[/list:u:85caec6e81]
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    hey- you asked about my marine body mud mask. it's basically a mask for you body (like one for your face). you apply it all over, let it dry, and then rinse off.

    the tube says "mediterranean seaweed detoxifies skin while keeping it moist and soft. organic muds, collected from european freshwaters, help to unclog pores, cleanse and purify the body. leaves skin feeling cleansed and refreshed."

    i paid $10 for it- so i would sell it for about $5 or swap for one of your oil of olay lipsticks. can you tell me what color the sterling is? thanks!
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    The sterling is silvery, brownish color with a little bit of a purple tint. It's pretty, but I think it's for cool undertones. The satin sable is a brownish, reddish, purple. The Orange is orange. The easiest way to see what they really look like is to go to Wal-Mart and look at them. I can't really explain it well. I would like to trade for the body mask though!

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