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Hi everyone.

I have been browsing the web looking for help with my type of hair and this place looks by far the best.

I am mid 20s and have very (very) thick red hair. Im not sure what type I am yet. It is still quite short compared to many of the styles ive seen on this site. It certainly has a wave to it all over, as to whether it will develop a serious curl if it gets longer, I would say it is quite likely.

In the last few months at my girlfriends recomendation I have started to grow my hair. Up until now I have always had it cut short just outa habit. Since I am so tall (6'4") I think it looks best with some body since my head looks very small compared to the rest of me if it is cut short or just lies flat.

Having read some of teh threads here I am obviously doing just about everything wrong. Brushing, rubbing dry, blow drying, shampooing everyday (with head and shoulders no less) using waaaay to much product etc.

I intend to take a trip down to the body shop to check out their stuff at the weekend. If anyone has any recomendation on any hair prodects they sell I would love to read them.

I would love advice as what sort of style to go for and I will upload a pic as soon as I can bully my camera into working. Also I would dearly appreciate some advice as to what sort of styling product would be best on very stubborn, very thick wavy ahir. I am pretty sure it is quite dry and corse as well.

At the moment it is certainly quite frizzy and has the habit to just disolve into a big mess of wave/curl/friz whenever I try and style it.

If I have missed anything out or am unclear about anything I am sorry, alot of this stuff is still new to me. Pont out anything that I need to be clearer about and I will edit as needed.

Thanks in advance for all your help everyone.



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    sounds like you juss need some tips from the CG(guy) method. i don't have the link now, but when i find it, i'll post it. or maybe somebody else will. do you have pictures?
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    talk about a mix up :toothy10:

    elevator doors open...

    random girl: ohhh, you have curly hair

    elevator doors begins to close...

    random girl's friend:i think he knows that already

    elevator doors close...
  • garrisongarrison Registered Users Posts: 7
    no not yet im affraid. Im still trying to get my camera to work. If I have to I can take one on my phone if only to give you guys a rough idea. Ill take a picture tomorrow once I have showered and styled.

    One update though I have not washed in two days (my hair that is). I have rubbed my hair with a towel by putting it in one place and pressing with a circular motion rather than vigerously rubbing it dry like I used to (the cg method I think).

    I have also purchaced the honey shampoo from The Bodey Shop and one of their leave in conditioners.

    Ill keep this thread updated with how this stuff works out.

    Thanks for your time everyone

  • garrisongarrison Registered Users Posts: 7
    Ive given up on my camera so I resorted to using my phone. I hope the pictures come out ok.

    The first one is me after just drying my hair with what I hope is the cg method (still not sure on that one). The second is after I have brushed it back with my fingers. My gf prefers me to brush it back so that is the look im hoping to go for, or at least something along those lines. Unfortunatley im not sure on the best method or styling products to achieve this.

    As I said I am still a little fuzzy on some of the cg stuff. Like what the exact method of drying my ahir is. Do I twist with the towel or keep the towel still while twisting my hands back and forth to squeeze the water out.

    Also im not sure how often I sould be using my Body Shop Amlika leave in conditioner or if I should be using my normal Tresumee one as well.

    If anyone can give me some advice on my hair type or any of these questions I would be thrilled.

    Thanks for the help everyone

  • discolemonadediscolemonade Registered Users Posts: 214
    Try these:
    1) Sticky thread from "going poo-less" section
    2) wiki how to follow CG method

    From what I understand, so far: Basically, CG involves cutting out harsh sulfate shampoos, and conditioners and products with silicone. Further to reduce frizz, don't brush when dry (use fingers or wide-tooth comb when wet) and don't dry with terrycloth towel.

    If you want to follow CG, you might need to check the ingredients on the products you are using.
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  • kema1vkema1v Registered Users Posts: 107
    It would be worth checking the ingredients of the Body Shop products, they're not always CG friendly. Have a look at this thread - it's a list of suitable products that you can find easily in the UK.
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  • garrisongarrison Registered Users Posts: 7
    I did check the ingredients before I bought. Im sure there is alot of stuff that I dont know about that I should look out for, but I did check for silicone which seems to be the big nono.

    Also the ones I bought are ones I remember being mentioned in threads before so I think im safe with what ive got.

    How about styling products? Do I need to be similarly careful about them?

  • garrisongarrison Registered Users Posts: 7
    Just a quick update for you all.

    I have been following the cg method (give or take) for almost a week now.

    The last time I washed was 6 days ago so im almost at my target of a week. I have been conditioning it in the shower and with leave in conditioner daily.

    I am happy to report that for the first time I really noticed a difference as to how soft my hair was to day.

    As far as styling goes I am still having rather hit and miss luck but I feel my experimentation is at least getting somewhere. I have picked up a couple of new American Crew products and they seem to be doing pretty well on my hair.

    One thing I am still now sure on is the 'circular scrunching' method for drying my hair. Honestly not sure if im doing it right. I certainly need to get one of the micro fibre towels. Does anyone know where I could get one within the UK by any chance?

    Thanks so much for all your help everyone. It has been hugely appreciated

  • kema1vkema1v Registered Users Posts: 107
    Glad to hear it's starting to work for you. Here is a thread for finding microfibre towels in the UK:
    I don't like the microfibre towels too much (feels like my hair catches on them) so I went for the flour sack towels, also mentioned in the thread. Hope that helps.
    Hair type: 2c-M-ii with extra frizz

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