anything to hide stretch marks?

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Hello, my cousin has stretch marks from her pregnancy and I would like to know if there is something that she could use to at least hide them. thanks


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    clothes :)

    Seriously, they will probably fade over time. They should be considered badges of honor. Pregnancy is an amazing thing, and being a mom is awesome.
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    natural2a wrote: »
    clothes :)

    Seriously, they will probably fade over time. They should be considered badges of honor. Pregnancy is an amazing thing, and being a mom is awesome.

    haha thanksss!! Yersterday I found something that is for legs but it works for stretch marks, my cousin just bought it and it works! She only wants to use it when she goes to the beach or a place like that!
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    Ooh! What helped the legs! I need some of that stuff!
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    I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter sterch marks lotion. That is the bomb. I had some uglees on my butt back in the day, however, I have been using this for years, and I am truly satisfied with the results! PM me if you're interested in buying a tube.
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    I have stretch marks too. I've never been pregnant, I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs, and I've never lost or gained a ton of weight. Go figure. It's the genes, I guess.

    I've tried EVERYTHING, from cocoa butter to those fancy lotions companies peddle and swear will disappear unsightly stretch marks forever. Trust me--they DO NOT WORK. They can make the texture of your skin appear smoother, which is always nice, but they won't do anything for stretch marks.

    Stretch marks occur below the skin, when connective tissue breaks due to stretching. Making those marks disappear with topical creams isn't possible, as the damage is several layers below the skin. They DO fade somewhat over time from reddish to whitish marks, however. I used to hate wearing a bathing suit, but honestly, I'm the only one who ever notices anyway. :-)
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    Yeah, I have some doozies that I got from having twin boys who are now 11. I gained 35lbs total with them during my pregnancy. The only thing that changed is the color, they have faded but are definitely noticeable.-I don't plan on wearing a bikini again anyway.
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    I had some terrible terrible purply ones on my inner thighs. I was so depressed. Mum gave me some "Retin-A" it was like a miracle for those!! I can now officially wear my short-shorts again!!!! Trust me it's great for those purply ones but it's not doing too well on white ones :(
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    Try massaging some unrefined shea butter. Mine usu disappear after a year or so. But then I go and get pregnant again.:toothy5:

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