The situation in Thailand...

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My brother and his new wife are stuck in Bangkok indefinitely. They were supposed to be flying home today and it doesn't look like this thing is going to end any time soon. Anybody closer to whats going on there?


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    I don't know what is going on there but I found this article

    Apparently protesters have taken over the airport...
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    sorry poisionivy, is your brother's wife from thailand?
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  • poisonivypoisonivy Posts: 1,551Registered Users
    luvmylocs wrote: »
    sorry poisionivy, is your brother's wife from thailand?

    Yes, they jut got married 2 weeks ago. They are planning to come to Ohio to surprise my kids on Christmas eve and I hope this doesn't wreck their plans with my brothers job and everything. Who knows how much work he will miss. Meeting my new sister in law is really the only reason I'm looking foreward to Christmas this year! His newest blog says the PAD were playing badmitten in the terminal while he was watching the news. WTF! These protesters are not armed, why are they not moving them out? This is nuts.

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