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Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving!
I was thinking we need a thread where people can post their skincare routines, how long they have been doing them, their results and any problems/issues they have been having. Also their skin type. This will help those of us deciding on a new cleanser or other product have a resource for how many other people use it/like it/dislike it. I will go first.

I am 22 and have oily, acne prone skin but that has recently also been dry and flaky in places, which is probably adding to the oil production. I am Irish, so I am very light skinned and also prone to redness.

I have been doing my current routine for only about a week now. I was doing it for a couple of months awhile ago, but went to Garden of Wisdom products (GoW) for awhile. The reason I have stopped going to GoW is that I wasn't seeing a huge improvement in my skin and with all the extra products/steps in their routines it was taking me longer and costing me more.

Cleanse: PSF gentle cleansing castille cleanser (with a facial brush)
Moisturize: Hyaluronic acid (HA) followed by jojoba oil or PSF balancing lotion

Cleanse: PSF gentle cleansing castille (no brush, mostly because it stays in the shower and I'm lazy)
Exfoliate: 5% salicylic acid (SA)
Wait 30 minutes
Moisturize: HA followed by jojoba oil

I find this works ok. It certainly does not make me break out and its quick and economical. However, I do probably need a better moisturizer and better manual exfoliation (I want a clarisonic!). Also I have no effective spot treatment (none of the ones from GoW did a thing for me) and I do get hormonal zits no matter what I do it seems like. I won't try the emu oil because I try to steer clear of animal products, which is another reason I like PSF- its cruelty free policy. I'm thinking about trying PSF's acne treatment mud. Once I have my breakouts under control again I'm thinking about adding retin-a to my routine.

Now post your routine!
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    What did you try from GoW? How long did you try the routine? From reading their forum, it looks as people have a lot of success from the products and very helpful with tweaking product usage.
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    Nightly, I rub bar soap on a lava rock (6.99 at my local drugstore) and exfoliate my face. Then when I get out the shower, I put ponds cold cream on...use a warm wet cloth to wipe it off. Then rub dove night cream on my face.

    I love my skin the morning after!

    In the morning I just rinse with cool water, and I'm on my merry way!

    I also love OCM...haven't done that in a while.
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    • Wash face with bar soap in shower
    • apply witch hazel after shower
    • apply Shiseido SPF55 Cream as moisturizer and sunscreen step
    • wait about 20-30 minutes
    • apply makeup
    • Wash face with DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
    • Apply PSF PhytoNutriv Lightening Serum
    • On alternating nights, use Avene Retrinal or Babor Complex C Cream
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    -use Avene gentle gel cleanser with my shiseido face brush (I LOVE this, by the way, so soft and gentle for my super sensitive skin) and luke warm water to rinse.
    -spritz face with avene thermal water
    -wait 30 seconds and apply dove senitive skin moisturizer
    (at this point, I should be applying spf since I am really fair however, I have yet to find one that doesn't give me a rash...)

    -use a gentle eye make up remover (currently experimenting with brands...was using bioderma, but I don't feel like it gets it all off)
    -use avene gel cleanser but just with my hands and rinse.
    -spritz and then moisturize!

    Not a very exciting routine, but I've spent years and tons of money trying to find products that don't cause allergic reactions (everything from drug store brands to luxury ones). Now, I'm pretty happy with my routine, my skin looks and feels much better...if only my SO would shave his damn beard, my skin would be happy as a clam!
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    AM: wash with 365 olive oil soap
    use St. Ives apricot scrub for acne prone skin if
    my skin is flaky
    moisturize with Cetaphil cream
    apply makeup

    PM: OCM - 50/50 castor oil and safflower oil

    My skin was very oily and acne-prone. I am currently on Accutane (about a month and a half so far).
    cowash: Tresemme Naturals
    rinse out: Garnier Triple Nutrition
    Leave in: Suave naturals, whichever scent I'm into at the moment
    gel: Garnier Fructis or LA Looks

    3a-3b - high porosity
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    I am 34 & have combination skin. I have been doing this routine for about 20 years on & off, I have tried other things but never found anything that did what baking soda & a simple natural soap could do for the price.

    In shower: wash face with a mixture of baking soda & black soap or any natural, glycerine or herbal soap.

    Out of shower: blot face dry, then use natural Witch Hazel on cotton ball all over face & neck. In the summer I just go, since I live in Texas, I will be sweating by the time im dressed, but in the winter I will use Alba natural moisturizer with a drop of castor or coconut oil. I allow it to soak into my skin for about 10 minutes then I blot my face with tissue to get any excess off before applying make-up.

    I have also just discovered Purist Naturals Luminous Ginseng Scrub, I got a sample size at Sally's and it lasted me 2 months because you literally need a little more than a pea size amount!!!! I fell in love, so on payday I am going to buy the full size bottle & try their Green Tea Firming Moisturizer. Has anyone used this brand???
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    Windflower, sorry for the long response time! I used GoW for maybe a couple of months (I forget sorry) and I tweaked a lot but it never seemed to last even if i got good initial results.

    I tried their white and orange castille cleansers, jen's green tea shea cleanser or tea tree or whatever its called sorry i forget!, simply clean tea tree cleanser, lemongrass scrub

    different HA serums, cranberry, honey, manuka honey, blue mallow

    veggie base cream, meow meow fruity mint lotion, 15% mandelic acid serum, jen's vinegar toner recipe, melissa hydrosol, their majik anti-blemish gel... I think that's it, phew.

    I am still using PSF cleanser at the moment with SA every once in awhile and HA/jojoba mixture for moisture and it's been clearing up the bad breakout I had right before thanksgiving.

    ETA- they ARE very helpful and good about helping newbies get new routines that work for them. I will RAVE about their customer service. It just didn't seem to work for my skin.
    3b-ish i think
    off and on CG-er since 2004
    Products: recently wiped the slate clean and am starting over on the search for HG products on a poor grad student budget
  • ZinniaZinnia Registered Users Posts: 7,339
    Thanks Pippa.

    You were using a lot of products. Were you using all of those at once?

    I recently discovered that HA (no matter the brand) was causing me pimples. I stopped using it, and my face cleared a lot. I still get a few here and there, but it is getting better.
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    From the sounds of it you and I have very similiar skin. I am 21 with oily, acne-prone skin and I am also Irish with pale skin which is prone to redness. However, I am pretty content with my skincare routine because my skin has cleared up pretty well since I started it.

    Wash with Johnson & Johnson Purpose Gentle Cleanser
    Apply Zapzyt 10% Benzoyl Peroxide gel
    Apply Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream with SPF 15
    Apply Everyday Minerals matte formula makeup

    Once or twice a day I will use Everyday Minerals blotting papers to reduce shine.

    Wash with Purpose once again
    Apply an aspirin mask (I use four asprin tablets and a dollop of honey) for 15 minutes
    Exfoliate with and rinse off the mask
    Apply Zapzyt
    Apply ROC Actif Pur Anti-Wrinkle Night Treatment

    I also use Visine eyedrops (those made to reduce redness) to, well...reduce redness, lol. Works like a charm!

    I still deal with a little acne but nothing major and nothing compared to what I used to have.
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    This is my winter routine. I cut out using any acids in the winter, including Vit C, because I was getting too irritated. SkinBiology's Super CP serum is a "collegen builder", so it helps to counteract any irritation I get from Retin-A. Copper Peptides and Retin-A are a match made in heaven. The only reason I'm able to use Retin-A twice-a-day is because of the Super CP Serum. Otherwise, I'd be too peely. My skin is looking fan-tab-u-lous. I'm naturally oily and acne-prone, but this routine is keeping me nice and clear and soft and not-oily, and not dry either.

    • PSF Castile Cleanser with Clarisonic brush
    • Wipe off any flakes with microfiber cloth and warm water
    • PSF DMAE serum - wait 30 minutes
    • Retin-A 0.05% cream
    • SkinBiology Super CP Serum diluted with a little hyaluronic acid so that I don't look too "green"
    • mineral makeup
    • PSF Castile Cleanser
    • PSF DMAE Serum - wait 30 minutes
    • Retin-A 0.10% cream
    • SkinBiology Super CP Serum
    • Emu oil on eyes only
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    I am 20, and I have dry, acne-prone skin that is extremely sensitive and prone to redness. It's taken me years to fine-tune this routine. :)

    Cleanse: Biggs & Featherbelle Tea-Tree Oil with Lavender Soap
    Exfoliate: Clinique Acne Solution Clarifying Solution
    Moisturize: Olay SPF Moisturizer

    I use bareminerals makeup, and that really helps with covering and clearing up acne. This is pretty much my same routine for morning, except I usually don't exfoliate so I won't irritate my skin too much.
  • tctc Registered Users Posts: 986
    I have extremely sensitive skin... This is what I do for face & neck and my skin seems to like it a lot:

    - OCM in the shower
    - apply John Masters apricot day creme mixed with Everyday Minerals foundation powder

    - I don't usually wash my face at night (I know, I'm so bad! but what I wear during the day doesn't seem to bother it at night either)
    - apply John Masters apricot day creme again before bed if my skin feels dry

    As needed if I get blackheads (every few months):
    - steam with a pot of hot tea & a towel, then OCM

    As needed if my skin feels rough (every few months)
    - exfoliate with brown sugar + castor oil mixture, then moisturize
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    RCW, I follow your skin routine recommendations, and I am so happy! I have been doing the BHA just at night (since odds are I'm going to be greasy from work) lately because my skin has been a little too dry.
    It's still tough to keep it from drying out too much, and I see you've stopped the BHA in the winter.
    I am worried about potentially breaking out if I give it up. My skin is just so clear that I'm deathly afraid of not using the BHA and not being able to keep my skin under control.
    Do you think maybe I can cut it down to one or two times per week as an alternative?
  • VTmomVTmom Registered Users Posts: 2,487 Curl Connoisseur
    This has been working very well for me to clear up my awful breakout and for this cold, dry weather:
    • Cleanse w/CeraVe hydrating cleanser and microfiber cloth
    • Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion w/SPF 30
    • Cleanse w/CeraVe hydrating cleanser and microfiber cloth
    • Exfoliate w/IFP's 5% BHA/10% AHA or DY's 2% BHA
    • Wait 30 minutes
    • Differin gel
    • Cetaphil moisturizing cream, if needed
    My skin is looking really good right now thanks to this routine <crosses fingers and hopes she hasn't jinxed herself>.
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    Sairis wrote: »
    RCW, I follow your skin routine recommendations, and I am so happy! I have been doing the BHA just at night (since odds are I'm going to be greasy from work) lately because my skin has been a little too dry.
    It's still tough to keep it from drying out too much, and I see you've stopped the BHA in the winter.
    I am worried about potentially breaking out if I give it up. My skin is just so clear that I'm deathly afraid of not using the BHA and not being able to keep my skin under control.
    Do you think maybe I can cut it down to one or two times per week as an alternative?

    You can try reducing the BHA and see how you do. You can always step it back up again if your skin starts to break out. I love to use the DMAE for skin firming, but it is EXTREMELY drying, and that's why I can't use acids in the winter. If I wasn't using DMAE, I'd probably continue acids.
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    I am 20 yrs old and have oily, acne-prone skin but it also craves moisture.
    Before I used an organic line called DNA Health Institute, which was awesome in smell, had no animal ingredients, and gave me a clear glowing face. It was pretty costly and was lucky I could get it at a local spa.

    However, I am quite lazy and wanted to simplify my skin routine even more. You know, make extra time for saving the world kinda of thing.:laughing6:

    I read about using rosehip oil and it lead to learning about the OCM. I tried the orthodox way of OCM but just modified it by canceling out the steam towel. I use KBB's Jojoba oil which has carrot seed oil in it too. I have been doing it this way for a month now.

    Wash with lukewarm water
    Put on Jojoba oil
    Put on make-up-has SPF in it

    Use gentle cleanser
    Put on Jojoba oil

    Every 2-3 weeks, do OCM with steam towel
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    ive tried ocm for the past few months 75% olive 25% castor. i love it. i have normal to dry really dry in winter. i also use rose water as a toner, clinique no 3 toner when i have breakouts and an oil blend serum that i mixed (olive, e, wheat germ,apricot,lavender,eucalypts,grapefruit,tea tree)

    my skin tone is amazing. if only i could stop this adult acne/clear these scars
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  • naturalD13naturalD13 Registered Users Posts: 9
    you should visit Exfoliating Scrubs by 17Again on Etsy
    they have inexpensive, all natural exfoliating body scrubs
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    My skin used to be very dry, but it it's not now. Just sometimes. Hmm...

    Wash with Black soap
    use toner- coconut water
    Moisturize with coconut oil & tea tree oil

    Wash with black soap
    Use toner- witch hazel
    Moisturize with Shea butter, coconut oil, and tea tree oil.

    I like that, but it hasn't really been helping my acne.
    I'm going to use honey instead of black soap in the morning, and I'm going to order some green tea tree cream from Afrikan Republic to use in the morning.
    *sigh* so many things to try, so little time..
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    am/pm i cleanse morning and night with clearisil ultra
    (i dont have acne but love the texture this gives my skin)

    moisturize with oil of olay

    every other day exfoliate with apricot sensitive skin scrub

    once a week queen helene mint julep mask.

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