Damaged curls, but want to go CG, please help!

Hey everyone, i just found this site and have become interested in CG and going shampoo-less, i just have a few questions for those of you who are more experienced (this may be long! lol)

For the past few years my curls have been amazing, pretty much my signature. All if ever did was shampoo and condition with any products lying around, throw in some dippity do gel (i know i know, horribly for your hair!), diffuse, and go.

I've ruined my hair now! I have naturally very black hair, and decided to get it dyed brown, with bleach blonde highlights put in. There were complications causing lots of toner to be put in to get it to the desired color. This was two months ago, in which my hair fell out, is now damaged, and my scalp itches and burns all of the time. I feel terrible because ive lost a lot of my curls, my hair is just wavy and slightly curly now (more 2c, i used to be 3A). I need to go through so much effort to get my hair curly now. My doctor gave me a shampoo for scalp irritation and dandruff, which kind of works but i hate shampoo as i feel like it never comes out of my hair!

I was wondering if going shampoo-free will help with the scalp irritation? I know a lot of you have said that no shampoo has solved your dandruff problems. Also, I am going to go for a final hair dye in two weeks to cover up the horrendous bleach blonde color thats in my hair.

Can anyone guide me on WHERE to get started. I am really confused on what type of conditioner to get, what type of gel to use (mousse doesnt work with my hair makes it stringyy), and how going CG really works. Sorry for this being really long, any help will be appreciated =)


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    Here's a thread that has a lot of useful links for newbies.

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