defuser=bye bye spirals. help?

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well i have a conair ionic curl defuser; it's not shaped like most defusers, its sort of a lolipop shaped. see.

well when i let my hair air dry my hair spirals (loose spirals), but it takes 3 hours to dry completly.So i use my defuser instead. i scrunch my with gel-creame stuff and dry it. but it only drys as waves, like the waves i have when its wet.:confused:

is there any way to use my diffuser and still have my spirals?


  • onethousandcurlsonethousandcurls Registered Users Posts: 1,118
    When I used a diffuser just like that, my hair became all poofy and REALLY undefined. When my hair looses curl, I don't get waves, I get mega frizz and huge bush on my head. That might be happening to you, only your hair still looks normal (if wavy).

    I now have a TIGI Bed Head diffuser attachment on a regular blow dryer, and no longer have that problem at all. The attachment is bowl shaped with a depression that I can sort of put my hair in, not flat like the one you seem to have.
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